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But you watched it back for the first time in a long time this week to what did you think. I thought that it was a damn solid show. You know it had some parts of it that weren't the best in the whole world. But the overall show in to me, it was the telling of the stories. I thought that the stories were told brilliantly and it. It was a good time in the business where there were a lot of things happening, and we were doing some untraditional things that we're working. So it was it was a fun time because was never really knew exactly what the hell was around the next corner. Well, let's talk about in how we got here should set the stage. I guess before we talk about the actual paper, the paper e though went down on August third nineteen ninety seven. So as you're listening right now, it was twenty one years ago at the Continental Airlines arena in East Rutherford, New jersey, and it's the first event from as Rutherford since like summer slam eighty nine. So it's been quite a while eight. Yay. Years or so. And this has mainly because of the high taxes that wrestling events had to pay in New Jersey during these years. So McMahon, just sort of took the show on the road and just wasn't run there. But then in nineteen Ninety-seven, then New Jersey Governor MRs Christine Whitman lifted those taxes, which led to the WB f. returning to New Jersey for televised events. And you may remember that this particular issue is what got a lot of people in the wrestling business upset on February, tamp, nine hundred eighty nine. Vince McMahon appeared in front of the state of New Jersey Senate and said that wrestling should be defined as quote an activity in which participants struggle hand in hand primarily for the purposes of providing entertainment to spectators rather than conducting a bona fide athletic contest and that upset a lot of old school wrestling people that are not yet. And I think that was absolutely silly because. Is when you go back in time and you look at people, the traditionalist and the old shooters if you will old promoters like ROY, shires, and San Francisco and Vern ganja. And the w. a. who had done the same thing without athletic commissions in their areas where they ran that the Atlantic commissions were taking what they considered unfair portion of the gate, and they had done the exact same thing in front of their states and got the taxes abolished back in the time. Vince was doing it in New Jersey, just had a lot more eyeballs on us at the time and it wasn't a revelation. Yes. What the business was work was then it was now and it was silly that they were taking a five percent cut off of everything we did, and then wanna five percent of the pay per view revenue and television contracts it. No, we'll just not run there. It's crazy to think about that. You know, once upon a time people could get away with that, but kudos to Vince McMahon to standing strong, talk me through how this you know, return to New Jersey comes to be. Christine Whitman is actually going to appear in front of the live crowd while I'm sure we'll cover that and we get the actual pay per view, but they make a big to do about this and it feels like Vance had to have some sort of a relationship with her. How do you recall this coming together? Well, it was a big big to do because we chose not to run our big events there because of this, and they saw that they were losing not just. The pay per view revenue. They were. They were losing live event revenue as well. So we just said, hey, you know what will run somewhere else we can run across in Pennsylvania..

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