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Had won a championship. Well i think the biggest difference in the two that i've seen Where they from last year this year is their ability to adjust and time lows willingness to take big chances. That's the big thing i've noticed. He has no problem. Removing someone that has been in the rotation all year from the lineup. because that's what popovich alike because pot will tell you it's about winning this game. It's about winning. This is not about what all year this is. No discredit to you personally. And what you've done all season but wait. They came to win this game and what was done where we say you know what seemed like god that would put buttons. What that means is in. Layman's terms he is making all the right adjustments. That means he's not scared to sit down. Okay for the very good result rondo. I don't like what you're bringing right now. I'm a go reggie jackson even though if you look at it as like may the two time champion and does clay on rondo. That goes around and you're sitting down for a guy that's on the minimum deal but one thing to have respect about lou is. There's willingness the cahoon as to say. Look this is what i do. And i'm sticking with it. 'cause it's about winning theory we've seen milwaukee and and obviously they're closer for. The most part has been. Chris middleton and yannis said after game four or game three. He was fine that some people have tried to make a big deal out of that. Oh janas has to be the man he has to be wanting to close and all that do we make too big of a deal out of closing and who takes the last shot. Nah i mean you play with tim. Duncan and david robinson did you. Is you know this closer thing. Do people make too much out of that. It's not like there's a designated closer on the baseball right by mariana. Barra people make so much about it. Because if you watch milwaukee play the best. Most gifted skilled offense player is. Chris middleton but john is is the to back to back vp big. That's where that's where you know. I it's kind of a back and forth because they thought processes will be the. Mvp how come he's not causing because sometimes because of the mvp doesn't mean the most offensive player to get a shot at five seconds or less. So i think in some talk. That's the thing about milwaukee though janas if the two time. Mvp accolades in his resume. Cachet speak for themselves but they have rotating batman. You can't say that about a lot of teams you know. One day it would be honest as game or talk. Twenty dame's then the next two games because minutes his game and then it'd be drew holiday dates renovated day. That's the benefit of having that fiber. That's why i picked. We're going to win at all because of it has to be great every single game. Because metal me go through holiday could be good popica- brooklyn and waited three guys that you can run through. And yon is. I mean even if it's not his even if he doesn't close during these play offs. I mean you can pencil him in for thirty. Plus and twelve to fifteen boards. I mean that's coming automatically. You know what. I mean whether he closes or not going to win. The game doesn't mean you're gonna win. But i mean those are the numbers. He's putting up. It's ridiculous like he's not listening to a different standard because it's not about the number. How just the number for forty per forty. It's completely different. The way it happens is skilled multiple ways of making any everyone one. I don't wanna say dimensional. But it's it's basically downhill is heading downhill so with john it's not about the stats is about the way he gets those steps that people start to look at sideways right right. That's our man antonio daniels nba champion. We appreciate the knowledge brother. Thank you thank you always a pleasure fellas. I'm a man peace. Keep your lock. I couple of fox sports radio. Be sure to catch. Live additions of the odd couple with chris. 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Work together to diagnose problems quickly and thoroughly and use treatments designed exclusively for growing children with convenient locations all across the dc metro area. Find a specialist. Today at children's national dot org slash stronger. A ride is the aqaba cruiser arrived coming to you. Live from the fox sports radio studios and don't look now but the atlanta hawks with out their main guy trae young rob out to an early lead on the milwaukee bucks. They were up ten two and twelve five and fifteen to five. Now it's fifteen to nine. I don't expect this the last year on them right now. No well the other one. They don't have their guy. You know what i mean like is like all right but can they hold can they. Can they keep going. Yeah that is the question it is if they made it an exciting game. I'd be shocked if they could win this game without him. And i'll tell you what it was. Say a heck of a lot. I don't care what kind of effort the hawks put in. i don't care. What kind of coaching job nate mcmillan puts in. If the milwaukee bucks lose this game rob issues unforgivable. So wait a minute so wait a minute stop you. So what do you say to mani williams and the sun yesterday. Did you feel the same way or no. I'm just asking the clippers. Still got paul. Only i'm asking him. He's arguably the best player in the series. Okay yeah i mean they they they got they got a star. They always do not have a star. Did you think that the win last night. Yeah but i knew. This was a clo- american. I mean i this is to me. It's totally different. Paul george and the clippers are totally different than the atlanta hawks. Without trae young. Who's their guy john collins. I like junk underrated players in the league. But i'm not putting him. He's not paul. George bogdonovich gala. Nari nice team but nice to meet as a different image. I actually thought route that the clippers had a good chance to win this series with that going in. I mean i pick phoenix in seven. You pick a seven game series. You obviously feel like he could could go either way right. Right wouldn't be surprised if the clippers win. I think phoenix.

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