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Eight twelve forty seven on talk radio seven ninety KABC John Phillips show we're joined by Dr Kelly Victor Lee who is a trauma surgeon former chief medical officer for Continental Airlines and wal green's taking your calls at eight hundred two two two K. A. B. C. one eight hundred two two two five two two two let's begin with GM in San Pedro Jim you're on K. A. B. C. hello yeah are you doing good our argument relate to the burgeoning I had one keeping me up per week here and I finally went out and shoot it out of my bush but I feel like a broadcasting from the tiki room there are nothing was stolen Judy was sweet to double you believe it I okay great a doctor Kelly my question for you is regarding the Australian researchers who found a cure or found a treatment at least for the coronavirus and law I guess I would use in a certain malaria Dr yeah Kim HIV drugs I was wondering if you could elaborate on that analysts also mention that I recommend for listeners to read crossing the Rubicon and about the I. about how they like to control the world you know what the bond selloff that of their pandemic by responding stop supposed to mature in a few few weeks there a few months you all those people locked out above those bugs anyway I'm gonna point I am only interested in knowing what she feels about the those drugs and if purchasing them is a good idea yeah great question there are no controlled studies at this point of the use of of any particular treatment drugs that drug you're talking about is called Quora plan it's a drug that's been used for many many years for the treatment of malaria primarily we use that also for treatment of some skin disorders there are generally studies going on in Australia right now but also in Spain and in Italy and the CDC is is well aware of this as well as looking at it right now I would not go out and try to get it I think you're be hard pressed to get into we're looking you know right now very carefully at at where we can source this from much of the Cork when that's been used in this country comes from India already and so supplies are relatively short given that this is a worldwide pandemic and you're not the first person to get news of the SSL people have been trying to get it that said it does look in the preliminary studies like it may be helpful in not helping those folks are in which would be H. RD one throughout the day read made mention I I didn't hear the name of that ever mention there are several retroviral drugs that they are looking at that word you have been used in the past you treat HIV that that they're doing studies on but there are no controlled studies as yet it is very preliminary I'm hopeful that within the next couple of weeks they will come up with some recommendations on now on how we might use any one of those drugs to treat people with severe L. not thanks for the call Jim let's go to bill in Long Beach bill you're on K. A. B. C. hello yeah hi how are you guys doing today good good so here's my question it relates to the incubation period which from what I've read is fourteen days so my in I've also read that kid can have it but have zero symptoms so my question would be let's assume my daughter has it today's day one and then she no symptoms though it's just she has it and then in fifteen days does it just kind of magically disappear because I don't want to bring her around her grandparents for obvious reasons but you know I don't know you know but if she's home from school and she's isolated and two weeks ago by wouldn't that be enough time for it to be in and out of her system or how does that work I'm not clear about that it will good question it it you know we do believe that that isolating for fourteen days should cleared so the question is does your daughter come in contact with anybody else during that period of time which includes if you you know leave the house and come back so it becomes extraordinarily difficult to use this isolation or how we are called warranty innings social distancing to control this thing because it's almost impossible to do a fact of life I particularly want such a large percentage of the population has already been exposed if so if anyone in the house is leaving or anyone is coming into the house she can be exposed on any given day so you don't really know what quote day one is so it kind of resets it every time someone leaves and comes back I mean yeah I guess my question is if we if we get enough supplies and stay in our home for three weeks then is it safe to assume and no no one leave that we don't have any outside contact is it safe to assume that we none of us carry it yes that would be safe to assume that if you are in your house for three weeks yes you could effectively say that that you had noted that if you had it you had it in gotten over it okay okay so after forty days it's just trying to go to where your body builds up are you there yes generally yes we believe that this is like a virus that runs its course at you know it has a fourteen day or last quarter you know it that didn't want to run through that then you're done what we don't know we still are are uncertain whether or not you can be re inspected with that okay I don't know that yet we don't have an updated it to say that yet but therefore if you get one the first time the after fourteen days it would be gone and you would need to be re in fact that all right thanks for the call if you have a question for Dr Kelly victory give us a buzz right now at eight hundred two two two K. 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