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I can be a conduit of like Guides Common Grace people whether or not they realize it because they need the services that the government is here to provide so if I can make that we're fatter it's actually the glory of God welcome to the made new podcast produced by Stories Journal and Walnut Creek Church where we share stories of lives made new God is doing remarkable. Things and we want to record what he's doing all around us. I'm Jacky Crane on today's episode. We'll introduce you to injure who's unseen efforts are behind improving our common good faith them work are not separated AGIUS brain. He believes nothing that you do for the king is unimportant. Listen in on Jefferson Andrews conversation so if you if you WanNa talk in terms of what do I do which is not exactly. I am at any rate so for my job I work for company that does development for government agencies until we are basically like government contractor the Dennis Webster Yeah and so I've got no Darkwa yeah. Most mostly things like hanes fees online permits that type of thing that there's some sort of transaction with between citizens in the government in the we come in and trying to make that those transactions go more seamlessly for all arrogant so we work with contract so we do contracts so our company. She has a visits relationships in like thirty states and then the team. I'm on specifically does federal so like are are mainly partners are Penalty Library of Congress New Jersey Yeah Yeah correct yeah so what we actually that commercial driver's license commercial driver related so website that you were possible so before four August sixteen <unk> on a for a business that worked in the state of Iowa so like I designed to bill with the team but I had to <hes> I would go the governor takeovers websites department of Iowa Department of Education that <hes> let's see what else we not current one but we built the first time that Polk County in a number of other countries but specifically Kansas where we are when they put all of their link vehicle tags improper text online our company built the first version of that since then it's been rebuilt but yeah are probably yes does a good chance Komo personally. I would say like the things that I most passionate about our. I love to make things I never I am really happier the building something or creating something which is why do web development like my a lot of my hobbies are are that same vein like. I like to cook up people overhead tenor fifteen people over here last. Perfect for mid homemade pizza but yeah so I like the cook a lot on thin. I like I am not good at it. I looked through woodworking. That's just fun for me. I I back. It's like one of the things take so much experience sexual good at really expect to be good defensive worked and then I guess for like I guess if you WanNa talk at all about ministry stuff I think the things the always always really resonated with me in college. I DID INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY IN I feel as I've gotten older. I've always been drawn to people that Navy not outcast outcast the people that tended to be overlooked and I I I love being able to like sit down to engage with that's like through hospitality are just like infringing. You know people that Ah Navy harder other people relate to but like I just really enjoy hearing about people where they're they're passionate about. You know I like talking about her. My international president-elect talking about like their country's politics things like that is that's like where people live but like. Nobody asks you that stuff. If you live here you know so. I don't know that type.

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