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Yeah of course they so much community. Is there anything you wanna shot or say before we go onto the next caller. Yeah as one hundred fan. I wanna thank golden guardians for our academy team for the two thousand twenty season. And we're gonna take your counting players. I make them into a will make worlds for that twenty twenty one season. Raza any thoughts on a minute. He's saying thanks one hundred days because they took it. He's thinking guardians developing hundred of course. Of course anytime. Thanks so much appreciate you. Thank you wait mark. We got hard flamed again. For being hundred t haters way. What did we say no but This happened. I think after the last episode where we say yeah. People said that we owe because we we were talking about the golden garden stuff and because we said that we disagree with nate shots stuff About how everyone wants you to succeed every year that we are hundred haters and i was getting down voted in a reddit thread for for. I know that people don't go to read it. Feel like this is petty Like people legitimately we hate hundred t which is just not true. I don't hate hundred eight hundred. Eighty no one hundred t. I only hate nate shot. da. I love papa. I'm waiting for the next thread now. It's so weird people out there think this and then like enough people did that. I was people. Were just like are you kidding me that you you think you don't. I'm like i don't hate them. It was so weird. Feeling talking giving me a heart in ankara. 'this earth staff. I really appreciate because they have drake kohner. Who's my favorite toronto raptors superfan and all that That they had the oviedo decal people not know that. But that's like the dark golden Black yeah i mean. I don't know what that means. But i i returned to us being hundred i was gonna glazed over the say. I think we're definitely not like hundred stands and we don't like hype 'em up at time but i'd say like i don't know how you could hear me talk about immortals dig moss algae and think that somehow hundred thieves is the team that i i take issue with them. I mean in their first year we gave them an incredible ton of praise for being the best of all the new franchise teams well. And like we. I i feel like we talked papa. We give them a lot of credit for one hundred program kelsey and stuff like it's a monolith like we'll praise the parts. We think deserve praise. What were the other teams. You named your down. I didn't put golden guardians in there. But i probably should have said i m t and who else i said. I am digging. Seal the three from last year. I don't have fans who will be man. I mean it's punching down for sure. But i also i mean we talked about. We talked about golden guardian. A little bit. I mean they have some fans hundred thieves as you can see. Oh my goodness he's somehow linked golden guardians into it you. I was talking about the other teams. Dan i was saying that. There's some guys got some fans. I've practical and guardians a bunch. Okay okay yeah and you heard. The fury is residents hanging out by tails between my legs and iran where we pull whereas a caller and now he's just here on leave. Whatever you want to stay you can stay. I don't i don't mind staying here. It's quite nice. I don't have a plan so mark. You wanna grab our next caller. Yeah for sure okay. Anyway thank you by the way to some of our more. Recent subs jordan. Ll a dark alley. H t who says victorville blows great jamie ninety two a thing dak game or girlfriend and mark lag large. Think for the prime any other prime gamers out there. Saris appreciate Blue so many gifted five subs that deserves more attention than blue jays omega. I think the practice. It's christ for the five. Gifted subs blue jay. Welcome to the show where you calling from ontario canada. And what do you wait. Razz is also canadian. You guys have some sort of like you guys pals we are cousin. Yes exactly you guys go out and tame moose together yeah. He built his igli right next to mine. We've been growing since we were kids. You know percent what do you what do you wanna talk about on the show So my take. Is that the off. Season from a management side of things seemed abysmal and tsn fans should expect better from tm disorder. Deal took way too long to finalize and it really costs i mean the sorter deal. Do you want to expand on any of this. Before i dive in. Yeah i can. So i need to like be adamant that like saying seemed abysmal. Just because like. I have to admit obviously i don't know everything that goes on within. Tsn and stuff like that just from the outside looking in it really looked like a really rough off season for tsn the main thing. Let's just talk with disorder thing. The main thing is that. Like i think that because that deal took so long to solidify. It probably hurt them from having other options wants. It fell through the first time that deal and it probably cost them a lot more to obtain him once sort of realized that they had no more option if that makes sense. Do you get what i'm saying without. Yes yeah yeah. Was there anything. Else that you your. There's a few other things. But i mean let's let's i think probably start. Are the main thing you find disappointing. Yeah well there's also the double thing. Like i mean i understand. Wft hadn't really made up his mind. But if you're tsm you need to make sure that you know who you're eighty carries going to be moving forward because it hurt them with the stuff. And like i said. I can go down to whole rabbit rabble here so yeah. Let's let's just start. Sorta thing i mean the reason. Why tougher me on. The sorta stuff is because it. I mean everything that we had heard me sound as though there was complicated. Factors there like it wasn't as easy as like the the perks and al farhi thing and so is really difficult for me to fault them. I mean areas. I will fault them. Because people think i don't ever criticize them. I think they did not do a great job of managing fans expectations like there. Was this kind of weird back and forth on. You know andy tweeting out stuff and saying that he was really excited about things and coming on the show this show even in teasing stuff and then like you hear stuff is falling apart and then like peter it just like it was it was tough and i think.

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