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Divine, former lieutenant governor, New YORK Betsy McCoy, any state that changed the rules. Ballot deadlines didn't allow observers. What is the remedy? Betsy. The remedy is to go to court and fortunately in two of these major states, Pennsylvania and North Carolina We're already at the Supreme Court. Both of these states went to the Supreme Court and requested emergency rulings before the election to strike down these changes in election procedure that the Democrats had weaseled out of it. State judges or state commissions ahead of time. Contrary to the constitution, the Supreme Court declined hoping obviously, that they wouldn't get embroiled in an election. But now In both cases, and probably in the case of Nevada for other grounds. We will be back at the Supreme Court, so that's where we are. And what is your take Miranda divine? I mean, when You know when, when specific laws about political? Ah, Ah, Partisans are allowed to observe and they're not. How do people walk away with the feeling that this was free, fair and and has integrity? Well, that is exactly the problem because it's more than just winning an election. By the days you have to convince the people that it was a legitimate election. Otherwise, how can you govern? And I think there are so many problems caused by Democrats with the election process. I do not understand why voter ID even controversial That should be just automatic. Simple, By the way, you know, voter, you need a picture I d to get into the DNC. You know that. I mean, everyone has a social security number, you know, but it's not as if people have cared that much about their privacy in America. Everybody is RIA is able to be tracked. Otherwise it that the one area where you're not tracked isn't the most important function that you have in a democracy, And that is a divorce. And the other thing is ballot harvesting You. Are there different rules in different states. In some states? It's okay to have you know up to 10 and someone three. Obviously, it's just Name's circumstantial evidence is that ballot harvesting was occurring on an industrial scale in these democratic form Clegg's and they used the cover of Corbett to change rules.

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