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This should I really put it on by debated device in. There were read it topics about this. You know, I'm a read it in other places, obviously as well topics about all kinds of things related to tech. So it sounds like the the available topics are. Pretty wide ranging even from not even just tech things. Like, some of the they're called the call them celebrated through like sub forms or whatever. But some of the ones that I subscribe to like journaling for like, you know, paper journals and writing that sort of thing and even like the really heavy tech stuff like quad copter. Drone building about sort of thing. It's a freeware where there's so much on their. Wow. All right. So we kind of have a basic overview of read it, and Alex do you have any experience with read it from the from the screenwriter perspective will I I didn't really use read at all up until the soapy actually came out. It was my intro to the world of read it up called beacon reader kind of the next best thing on Iowa's. But it has enough problems in it's annoying enough that I never really got into it that much dystopia really introduced me to read it. And from there actually started using it some at work believe it or not and not illicitly, you know, not when I shouldn't be. But I legitimately did have some PHP questions for Napa had start coding the other day. And guess what there's a PHP read it. So I asked my questions on there and got some really wonderful answers. But because I was at work and had to pay some folks in I had to go to the website and using the website is it's okay. You know, it's it's doable. It's not impossible. But they don't have a lot of heading navigation. They don't have a whole lot of screen meter specific stuff. There are keyboard shortcuts that I have yet to really delve into. So that might make it easier. I don't really know. But so far dystopia as foreign way the best experience. I've had with read it, even you know from Iowa to windows dystopia, beats them all if if you've ever used Twitter epic it feels kind of like that in that. Everything's in the rotor. Everything's compact simply laid out, and it just makes what could otherwise be a really complicated interface really easy to use. That's a high bar the set Twitter. Terrific. I know are very relatable bar for a lot less to that gives me the non redder, the the human interest story person gives me a good idea of the type of quality that what we're talking about. So Saab back to you so read it is sounds like really cool coughing. So how did you learn about blind and visually impaired people was it did you learn about the technology. I or have you met someone who's blind tussle about that? So it's sort of a combination of the two. So I started work on the app action for one of Apple's developer conference things because they do this thing every year called the worldwide over conference, and they do a scholarship program or you can submit something that you think is really cool. And then if it's cruel as the U2. as cool as you think it is then you can be awarded a ticket to attend student, which is a lot of fun. And so I was sort of thinking of things I wanted to do, and I was just messing around with because I have have experienced serving for Justice. I like a tool for okay? Storytime on best when it's going back and back further than further, but I've used voice over before. Just when I'm sitting in bed and just don't wanna move much and don't want to you know, told my phone up above my face for hours on end is I don't want to get him to bed that's sort of deal. And so as I got more and more engaged with that was something I was interested in but never ended up getting into. And so when I have the opportunity to develop something to show up on that one. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to start something new..

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