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Pod. First, our Friends from. Pearl jam. All right, the ringer's rob Mahoney is here. We're going to talk Cleveland Cavaliers out of all the plots that have transpired. Over the last 16 days of the NBA season, we've had a lot of soap opera stuff. I've had some semi sinister stuff. We've had some disappointments, but there's one feel good story and it's the Cleveland Cavaliers. A team that I think we all felt was going to be a playoff team. Was going to be a fringe contender, I think there were over under maybe it was 46 and a half somewhere in that range. So it was right in the ballpark of Toronto and teams like that. And maybe had the upside if it gelled with the guards. We didn't expect rob. Mitchell comes in. This is the best he's ever looked. This is scratching, not only scratching the ceiling, punching his fist through the ceiling. And then last night, in a really, really, really fascinating game against the Celtics. Him and Garland just looked really good together. Garland's out 13 minutes into the opening night. This is the first time they got to play together. They get thrown into the fire. Celtics lost them a few nights ago. They want revenge. And it just, the way it looked, I'm trying not to overreact. But it's one of the best teams I've watched this year. And I don't think that's an overreaction. I mean, if you're trying not to overreact, I fear you've invited the wrong person on this podcast because they've been such a feel good story. I'm having a hard time talking myself out

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