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Ma maybe i'm equivocating yes right with sort of degrees of difference yes is sort of a with there's a with a whiff of impropriety leica aqap getting a sandwich from some deli owner somewhere yes or conflict acting a drug deal but but but a one during i would find that very hard to believe if there was even a whiff that for the cops knew that this secret enforcement gun unit out there right because that was old so let's let let let let's say let's put use your standard let's oppose it did know should they hip no all probably the net the dead yet said to be also daca it going much weather i hope that they knew and turn to blerta that they didn't know because that level of incompetence at that level of lack of scrutiny is also the stats that all the question ask everybody is it better to know would say nothing in order not bildt their supremacy i do believe arbor glud done that will be surprised is a type of story though is this type story that can be cleansing in other words when you hear this thing if they really get into this and deal with a kid it be almost a new start it it would only only if if there is accountability for those who should have been regine should have no where that's the key thing you have to restore the public trust has broken you have to take your traore nurse steps to restore the public trust particularly when you're asking the public to help you things ob concerned about at and you'll ever the tuesday we have a show here we go do called bpd casefiles we have the ball oversee police department coming we asked the public to help solve crimes but if you feel like maybe some of the people you colleague or while with the criminal element wall that's exactly right of any you know the why would you cooperate with the police if you're going to make yourself a target and it's harket right because we we talk about this we spent a lot of time f i get back into this whole idea of the fact that police abuses of power could happen to anybody sure right that's and that and and so then your sort of talking about this this general fear on.

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