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Let's go right back to those phone lines. Larry Kelly is calling in from right here in Orlando. He's got an oath seven Santa Fe. What's going on? Kelli. Hey, larry. Yes. My daughter is vehicle and she lives in Fort Myers. I live here in Orlando. And for the last couple of years her Santa Fe when she accelerates her driver's side door, lock just clicks. And then, you know, after quite a few clicks, she says finally stopped. But it drives her crazy because every time she comes to a stop. And then exceleron just continues to always click. Click click suggestion. Kelly. I'm gonna tell you what normally happens when you have a situation like that. Hazard door locks seem to be working when she wants. She uses a manually inside the car. Will it automatically lock when she celebrates then. Yeah. I think that that's okay. Well, what I'm saying is if she uses a remote, or whatever, I mean is the door lock opening and closing is is it unlocking and locking. I can't remember I don't remember her telling me that she has to you. Okay. That's that's fine. Let's listen Kelly. Let me tell you when you have a vehicle, and I'm putting you down because we have a little bit of a rough connection windy. It sounds like. Yeah. Yeah. The this situation. If you've got something that move, Matt causes some other type of reaction. You know that when she accelerates if if if if it's causing well anything from the car stalling or doing something weird to an electrical issue. Something has to be moving when you apply force to the vehicle and she's accelerating going forward. What that's telling me is. There is a real good possibility that there is like maybe some water in the master switch on the driver's door. And what's happening is is when she accelerates there's some water that's in this master switch that is rolling back, and it's causing a connections to where it's activating the door locks and see when you when you're dealing with a door, depending on how it's made and sealed from the factory when it rains, you know, you get water. Down inside these doors, and then it gets a little warm outside. And you got this humidity factor that takes place inside the.

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