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It's morning edition on wnyc on richard hake good morning it's 530 twenty three degrees a chili morning out there do expect sunshine today it'll go to around freezing stay tuned coming off wnyc heads to a refugee camp in malawi as we continue to examine the effects of president trump's restrictive immigration policies seen through the eyes of a congolese couple join us for our series unsettled that'll be in the next hour morning edition you're on wnyc and then a little bit later on this morning on the brian lehrer show me the new president of new york city transit andy byford plus here about a new c project called green light her a competition for women screenwriter's that the city hopes will address the underrepresentation of women in the film and television industry that's all coming up on the brian lehrer show that starts a ten right now though here's john schaffer with today's kick alert for example never considered himself a rock star he was a composer throughout his career he wrote chamber music and championed the works of twentieth century classical composers towards the end of his life you worked with a number of classical ensembles now a group from the prestigious lucerne festival in switzerland is coming to new york to play two concerts featuring zappa's compositions maybe they'll play this piece called the black page number two mm the black page number two by frank zappa his music will be played tonight and tomorrow at roulette the shows also feature the singer della miller and the formidable drummer and composer ties sean saury.

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