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Yes, caught off side from the upper west side of Manhattan and an apartment in Brooklyn. Andrew gundling and JJ van, what's up brother? What's up is Andrew, I think we're changing formation in with the podcast today. I think we're doing things a bit different. You could say we're mixing it up a bit. Yeah, I suppose I would agree with that. Elaborate though. Well, I think that we are going to, I'm not saying we're a mid table team that's worried about getting sucked into a relegation battle. But I think we've decided to freshen our formation of. So what we've done is, we're going to do the usual. We're going to talk about the topics of the day, but we're going to do two interviews. This is unchartered territory for us. We're playing two up front. Yeah, I'm actually really excited about this. So, I mean, I always am, but the first one JJ Matt Pence wrote a piece for the athletic that just it's so caught my eye. I texted it to you as soon as I saw it. I said, we must speak with him about this immediately because it's on a topic matter that we have talked about for years on this program. And that is the lightning rod element of certain U.S. men's national team guys. And Matt spoke with some of them. And I thought it was fascinating. We're just coming out of an international window where lightning rods were on full display and the full fervor of U.S. men's national team love and hate was kind of all out there all at once. It felt like the right time as we're kind of settling back into club football felt like the right time to maybe have a discussion on some of those lightning rods and then we move on. Back to the club scene. But so Matt will join us in a little bit. I'm really excited about that, JJ. Yeah, and you spoke about the right time. There was a time carved out at the weekend on Saturday for what we considered. I don't know if we still do the third best player in the world. One of the greats we thought he'd be. Well, he turned 30 on Saturday. Neymar. So I thought, with his documentary on Netflix coming out, which I don't know if you've seen? No. Yes, name our a perfect chaos. I have watched it. I will talk about it. But we thought it'd be a good time to look at Neymar's career. I feel like I feel like 30 is not a particular milestone anymore, but it's an age that seems to sneak up on everyone. And in football, it seems like an important stage. Yeah. I'm just thinking now, what you said there, a guy who we've long considered the third best player in the world. I always thought it was. It was Ronaldo Messi Neymar. Suarez will come into that then. Yeah, then there was kind of a revolving door after those three, but now Neymar has been just besieged by injuries in big moments, unfortunately, because I do believe as a talent. He is worthy of being the next guy for these all these years after Ronaldo and Messi. But can you still say he's the third best player in the world? Is he perceived in the same way that mosala is right now or Robert Lewandowski has been for the past couple seasons? I don't know. No, I don't think so. And but I also think in terms of achievement in those in the years since we'll say the 2015 Champions League Final. When he was entering his peak years, you have to say, it's been pretty barren. Yeah. So, like you said with this 30th birthday is a milestone moment for him. Later in the podcast, we're going to have a conversation with Sergio Patrick. Longtime fans of this podcast will know him from when he was with radio bande roches in Rio covered Brazilian team has followed Neymar's career since its inception since he was a teenager. So I can't wait for that conversation as well to kind of take stock on what has been a really interesting, sometimes controversial soccer career. But JJ, we start before all that. With some of the events going on over the weekend in the past couple of days, and we begin in Africa, JJ wear Senegal defeat Egypt on penalties to win Afghan 21. Congratulations to them. I was just kind of this morning scrolling through on Twitter and seeing some of the websites BBC and Sky Sports. And they're showing images of the celebrations in Senegal and Dakar and just wow. As you would expect, I suppose, but just to see it and to see what it meant to the people of those country to finally get this after so many close calls and having some of these teams that were thought so highly of they couldn't quite break through to see the joy spill out now that they finally did do it and in such dramatic fashion. It was pretty cool. I couldn't help but feel really happy for them. Yeah, and it's a shame that the final itself didn't live up to its billing. There's JJ. Well, no, that's not theirs, JJ. We spoke with we spoke at the start of this tournament about the early games and we thought, oh, there are law scoring and even say you didn't get to see all of the games, maybe you missed some, but the reports weren't good. There were turgid kind of football. This was a particularly bad final. And you know, a bad final deserves. Do you know what I was thinking about, though Andrew? I was thinking, I saw a tweet and the tweet said, I hope this terrible final goals to penalties now..

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