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That cool? And did you guys hear about this story, a cat named stinker? He's in Southern California or was back with his family more than a year after he disappeared while a film crew was making a movie using his family's home. The family looked everywhere for stinker, who they had found as a kitten abandoned on the side of the two ten freeway. So when they visited their local shelter, in search of stinker, they were told of a cat fitting stinkers description had recently been hit by a car near their home, so it kind of looked like, you know, all the pieces fit together. So they assumed it was stinker and stopped their search. Now fast forward, a year later, the family moves to Connecticut, thinking that they might finally be ready to add another new pet to their life. They started looking at the shelters in Connecticut. But they didn't find what they were searching for, so the husband checked photos of their old California shelter for animals that were there. And he found a cat that looked just like stinker. So he calls the next door neighbor and asked the neighbor to go to the shelter, so the neighbor goes to the shelter, and then the former dad and stinker are in the shelter, FaceTiming each other through the neighbor. So the next day, this guy flies out to Los Angeles from Connecticut to see for himself. And yes, a very happy ending for a long story that could have been solved much faster and more easily, had stinker had a microchip. Which he does now. I bet he does, yeah. But a happy ending. We just had a Katie brought into our office that was missing for 6 years. And was found had a microchip and was reunited. Unfortunately, she was found because she has bladder stones, and we had to do surgery. And she's on the mend from that. But her family was so thankful to get her back 6 years later. How did they react after 60 years? I mean, you pretty much write off an animal after that. They were happy regardless that they got their kitty back. You gotta love those stories. I mean, just microchip Friends microchip. I'm Laurie Brooks, get more breaking animal news anytime at animal radio dot com. This has been an animal radio news update. Get more

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