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You know like that, they they don't go there if they could go to the justice system, they would. Right but what like the bigger issue is even once even if we got to a perfect, the only way to litigate sex or prosecute sex or is with cameras? And emotion meters I. Mean if you if you really want to be honest, that's the best way to do it. Because the forensics on sex are are impossible, I mean there's no real. Way To go about it? You know what I mean. There's always there's no like this and then this. We're not gonNA have that because it's sex because it's. Intimate because you could have been raped and then also had sex prior. How do we discern that also? Yes, and you're also dealing with guys, not understanding whim guys literally your. Women who are are when it comes to sex have a lot of conflicting. Emotions and men who are uniquely unsuited to reading emotion exactly, but the problem is. Because it's, it was so fucked for so long. Our new thing is this you know like you said? Screen shots this kind of social media evidence. but They're there the margin of error? I feel like is going to be big I feel like something could just. Look bad and already you're being You, know your reputations being on trial, even if nothing that bad, even before I saw evidence of underage girls, because at first, it was like. They were twenty. Nine. And twenty two. I still haven't seen evidence of under it I've seen smoke of underage girls. I've not seen fire of underage girls. Exactly, so this guy's repeat reputation is. I mean his is in the dumps. and. We have to the I think it's closer to the federal prison, but dumps fine. What are we going? What if no evidence presents itself? No one's brings charges. Everyone just kind of wants to make a claim online to be like. Yeah, he's a piece of Shit F Y, it's. The kind of just people put out warnings. People put out just advisory like four women. And I think they're interesting because. I think they're important. You know maybe there is the disparity between bringing charges. Against someone and just like yoga by the way, this guy's a fucking creep. You! Know like they're yes. I mean plenty of interest twinbrook. Yes, that's the problem. Is the the whatever whisper network or whatever is? It's okay. It's the best option. And but it only it has. It's only an on off switch. There's no. There's no grades to it. It's just you're either. It goes from zero to rape. To mean it's liked after nine eleven year. Either you're either a you're. Neither you're either a Muslim or a terrorist. And there's no difference it's like The the the odds of once you get painted with the brush. It's not good. Even, Louis and Aziz and right. COSBY's. A serial rapist, but In Z's. Are Not. They still work, but it's their reduced. Their reduced and and in in Lewis case. I think it's more merited than this case. Rid these is reduced as a person. Like the light that the lightness is gone, you know. so. By so. I mean Chris, Hardwick and other one where it turns out. It wasn't true. But. He, couldn't if he says if he like boldly says this was not true. Then he seems like he is a victim blaming and shaming, and and whatever all the and not believing all women and not, and that's the thing that even if I said Hey, can we take that into consideration? I'd be considered a piece of shit. Can I say iggy Azalea banks that you fucked eight three weeks ago? No like. They're both women. It's only I. No one's GonNa. Believe me, but it's only gonNA hurt. Poor, people. Do you know what I mean. By that, said he, only now, having said that I also don't think that women are that. Are are likely to say Shit online that. Is. Is You know disprove a false right? Yeah? So I. Don't know what the answer is, but yet in in Chris. Hardwick case that's I believe what happened and Dave's case. I believe that's what happened. But if we go back to the Muslims in nine eleven, what ends up happening? Time. Eased all ease some of that tension, it was basically just time people just got. We spoke about it more. We talked about hey, but these people like poor seeks being like unfairly targeted right after nine eleven like we're not even. We have nothing to do with. That, how a counter! What Guantanamo Bay hundred dudes there who didn't? They didn't even bring charges against them? They're just fucking. Parked in in a in a box in Guantanamo back then. It's like it's better for all Muslims but the guys who got accused of nothing. are still in Guantanamo, Bay and as Americans. We all go like well. fucking serves you right. Is Yeah right well if you hadn't been at the thing. 'CAUSE like in case they're going after. They're like it's like. Santino and and and Theo, and all these other guys are catching stray bullets. That had fucking nothing to do with it right and people are trying to drag me into it like woody, you know I don't fucking know anything 'cause I'm forty six and if I knew someone's fucking underage girls, I would. Absolutely, said something. Right. As evidenced by the fact that I said he didn't cause. I also would like we have. It's part of our group. Our our young group of young fuckers like there's not you I'm not part of. Kabbalah and we fight our battles on twitter. But again you forget how dumb people are and how suggesting people are? and that they just WANNA go. It's like the Jeffrey obscene kind of reverse like. Like, he was murdered. Okay, so what but even the way we treat a? Muslims wasn't good and the thing with Muslims is it was it was like we just moved? We just got a little more specific, but that first three years. Was A fucking hell for them and again I don't feel bad. I'm not like it's GonNa be a Hell I. Just think that when it comes to mob justice. It's it's it's. It's flawed in a different way, then.

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