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Your phone calls at eight five five to four to seven to eight five. Oh chalked fred next. Who is a good afternoon fred. thanks for calling. you're welcome. you're welcome. I just wanted to give you a holler with a couple of stories. Here that are fact instead of everybody getting so fired up about their teams and everything but he wanted to share with. You will story about bobby bowden and then the inception of the start of this back in the early days with the southwest conference and they Sec but Years ago. I nineteen seventy nine. I just left florida and m. university whereas defensive coordinator down there rudy. Hubbard is going to be in the hall of fame. This year. But i went with. Ken hatfield dear friend of mine. Who we serve together at florida under dickey and he can just taken over the air force kademi and we were in tallahassee recruiting and he can was one that was always when he was young coach. Trying to pick the brains of all right coaches in the country. So he said well. Let's go take a break. And let's go visit bobby bowden. So we went over to visit. Bobby and who i've known from the time apart a. Am he'd been there at Fsu for three years and anyway so ten asked him to coach. Said when the lsu job came open they went after you earlier this year usa. How come you didn't take the job. And i think back of it. Now the chuckle. But bobby's answer. I can remember like sitting there today. He said can he said i'm fifty years old. He all. lsu says a national championship. And if you don't get that he said you're not going to be successful. And he said amount too old for that kind of pressure job and it was interesting because he was obviously turn the fsu program around but it hadn't reached that high yet. So making that statement fifty and then you take a look at the next thirty is coaching when he had a program probably that surpassed Basically inconsistency what lsu's ever done. And so i thought that was interesting to look back now but bobby was great man. When i was head coach. Dookie beat the outta me for five straight years and every year. He put his arm around me said fridge. Just like one of my sons. And i kinda laugh looking at the scoreboard but then when tommy got the clemson he did tommy the same way beating real bad every year. You know so anyway so it was. It was thought does really find a look back with bobby Being in the same tower them for five years. They're getting annoying He's truly truly everything they say. Good about him. You were honored to be on the field with them. Even when he was beating you by forty points you know but let me take it back. I am curious about something and obviously. We're talking to coach fred goldsmith. Who who coach at rice and duke. And i mean you you. You had some pretty tough jobs and your time and came. I mean it's not like you had some some very impressive seasons. Well there were a few. And i enjoyed every bit of it. You know it was fun because you know getting around after thirty years there and One of the biggest. We have ever was going back and beaten arkansas. But we competed well. I'm in texas. And and it was a lot of fun and Has some great kids and matt sign you. Probably know him the football hall of fame noun and everything matt. You wouldn't believe it is but he was three year. Old conference player started for four and out that size then to those guard and We just had a bunch overachievers. It was it was a lot of fun and everything but we were sitting there at the high remember. We used to have those old. Cfa meetings in dallas. Oh yeah and we played golf tournament that day and it was pouring rain just like is here today and doug dickey who co chaffee night or for florida. of course. Kenny was still coach at arkansas. Now is getting ready starving. First year. Reis go sticky when we all had lunch together and we sat there two or three hours because ryan was born and he told us at that time he said things are going to really change. He said there's going to be nothing but superpower conferences just like the nfl. He looked at mason fred. There won't be any place for rice in this. You know and and kind of explain wait was and of course you knew doug dickey from back then when the smartest man i ever ever been around and to sit in a staff meeting him with special back there florida and But you know he was real tight with kramer and you knew this thing was coming well then a couple of years later i was out jogging with our assistant identifying portals and of course frank was who doug worked for arkansas and and Mike was an assistant at Florida i think when douglas there for a while before he went with coach dot but anyway i was jogging assistant at arkansas. He said for it. We're getting ready to go to the sec. And so what. And i went to ask him it and jim i i you know that was not a good deal for On the field financially was great. But were you know we were fighting texas. Am for the top of as a southwest conference every year and they said it was going to happen and they were negotiating all these things. Well then i went onto rice and nineteen eighty nine and nineteen ninety. When it came down the announcement was made right. Go day or so before. Our southwest conference kickoff luncheon and boy that was chaos goes that day but anyway they announced a and m. texas in arkansas. Going south west at southeastern coffers. Well what happened in soon Anyway and then suing time right then that Grant taft was adamantly against grant wisconsin the dean of the coaches and the conference with time. Something's beeping he still there. We're still here coach. Oh okay but anyway grant. Staff was the dana the and he gets up and he makes this announcement by arkansas. Because they're getting ready to introduce jack crowe. The head coach just can't gone to clemson and arkansas. The any column the iraq or the south west of nineteen ninety nine thousand nine hundred strong words and so but grant path wasn't through with it then. The governor of the state of texas was ready day. Man richard she might remember her and she was baylor grad and of course the the texas leaving the league with arkansas was going break that thing up and so grant went to her and she god i think she was a democratic governor and i think the democrats were in charge of you know they have the majority in the legislature time when they came back and they went to the president's of texas and texas a. and m. and i forget the now paul oil fund but there's big oil fund in texas funds all capital expenses of buildings being built only on the a. and m. and texas campuses. None of the other universities. And i mean that was there. I mean they were the to bel- cows system well they went back in the legislature told though till two presidents yes you can go but you can't get any more money from that fun and that was the end of texas and texas a and moving on but that's that's how come they didn't move at the time arkansas and then somehow south carolina and i guess you may don't better make probably got into balance off arkansas..

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