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But we don't know it looks like if I they're probably fighting each other. Okay. Like we've realized with these star Star Wars sequel, trilogy movies that you pretty much have to apply the most obvious thing. And that's what's happening. But if I want to go down that rabbit hole it looks like she's defending something. And then he's about to strike something. Do you. Deal. Got the what was the robot Garth? Great plans, grevious, multiple lightsabres. Spin around fuck toys strikes down hell. Yeah. The edge this looks great. I love it anything. Again, I'm a slob hog foot in. Shaw. Of cool vigils for sure it's nice to know they're all going to be together for the most part, the characters on a battle because they were split up in the first two. So looking forward to that, by the way, Keri, Russell's character has been described as a masked scoundrel which does not denote villain is obviously Han solo is a scoundrel, so you don't know, we don't know, but very cool, neat to see those always cooler too, when you don't expect it, right. Like it's nice when kind of drops out of nowhere. I hadn't heard any rumors or when that was going to release journey up this morning, actually Nord it initially. I'm like magazine cover who cares in it like it. Clicked in my brands like, oh, shit, the Vanity Fair drop. So go check it out. If you haven't seen him very cool pictures thing, the Luke picture. It's not reading into much reading into it too much to assume that they're just going to add to force go stuff and post like this picture. Yeah. Okay. All right. Okay. Right. Rest in peace. Luke still get in Bob Hoskins. Yup. Also, as always okay trailer for this. We'll see how long we can talk about this movie downtown abbey at the TV show. A lot of people like it also has a very famous Cup that got into a scene. I think someone got fired over it much more serious than Starbucks the Starbucks Cup and game. The throws the person the they're, they're very meticulous about periods stuff down, Abby. I remember that story. Anyway, trailer came out for that the continuing saga of the Crawley, family and the servants who work for them the English countryside in the early twentieth century doggone with us in office, but the down Abby movie premieres on September twentieth, two thousand nineteen do you guys have any interest movie whatsoever? I don't do this often throwing it down right now don't care of the year and not even a little bit..

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