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Doyle a lesson and I'm Jeff Tyminski. Our phone number is 1 802 831 Oh 1.5. Okay. Fun question. This'd is, uh, this'll is nothing controversial, but I thought this could be kind of cool to have a little look inside People's lives here, friend of mine and Facebook, put up a question and answer it herself. Simply asking what is the oldest thing? That you still use the oldest thing you own that. You still you sounds my wife count, but, um, Chiche, you know how many people said that in a comment Sections? Yeah. Worse than that. Other people were saying my body, so let's take those off Dale no actual things and she said, I have my grandmother's Dutch oven. And her meat grinder. I don't know how old Yeah, um Unfortunately, every time I heard Dutch oven I only think of the slang so it kind of made me laugh, but anyway So she got, like just the ton of people commenting on this And of course, I got sucked in here and some some of the people's responses. My walk. Somebody has a walk that is 32 years old and going strong. Guy says he has a Bose radio circa 1996. That's his oldest thing that he still uses. And by the way, I'm obviously we're asking you the same thing. How would you answer that? The oldest thing that you own that you still use 1 802 831 on 1.5. Woman named Belinda says. I have my grandmother's cedar chest. I believe it's close to 100 years old. There's a weird one. Have this collection of fountain pens, and my favorite is from 1923. I try to use it as much as possible. When they say Fountain pen. Is he talking like the thing that you literally like, fill up in the little ink? Well, I don't think so. No, I would not have found. Then they have those weird ends on them. And if you have flip him, you can flip the Yank out of him. Remember those fountain pens? No. I've got a gap. I just know pens, and I know the old oil ones that Well, no, no, uh later than a quill but older than the older than the pens that I'm used to. I think there's a pen in between. And this girl off cap. I think you're talking. Yeah. Did you fill it yourself? I think so. Yeah. You did. Fill it yourself. Yes, but not the kind of thing like with a little tip that you didn't know you didn't dip dip? Yeah. Gotcha. Gotcha. Uh, Another one is Hold up. I lost it. Here is another one is Oh, I think this one. Probably a lot of people would come up with My car, a 2005 Toyota Corolla and still running Well, so his oldest thing is 15 years. Wow. Hmm. Now here's one. This is really old. I have a kitchen are mwah that is made from hand hewn cedar That is 170 years old or older. Still uses it are at an antique. That is, Yeah, but how would you act like? How would you answer it? What do you think? I keep thinking what the oldest thing I have would be, but it's something that you still, you see, That's the hard pain that I have a bunch of my mom's stuff. It would go back way back, but it's probably stored. I don't use it now. See, that's the difference. I think I have an Afghan that one of my grandma's made probably 50 years ago. Mm hmm. I use that. Okay, that might be it. Yeah, I mean, 50 years. Half a century, you might be with Grandma. I had to Grandma's who are both like Afghan didn't fools. Everybody has all these Afghans. Maybe it was one of these. The grandmas who actually used to work in industrial luminous and lost a finger. She couldn't it like you're nobody's business even without a finger. Absolutely. Wow. Afghan knitting fools. They were probably four Afghans. Remember that? The thing that I had on the longest was this old clock radio, but that went away a long time ago. So as far as what I still have, now that I still use I don't know, man. It's probably like It's probably a piece of furniture. I'm going to guess. I think because, like I've moved enough where you tend to jettison a lot of things, you know. So I don't know. I got to come back to my own question. We just got rid of her. We just got rid of my recliner, which I got when I only had one kid. So it's at least 22 years old. Yeah, You mentioned that right? That's that's so that that's a That's a good long time. What about you? What is the oldest thing you own? That you still use? 1 802 831 on 1.5 John from West Trenton. You're on New Jersey 11.5. Hey, guys, Jones got in a I got a name FM clock radio I bought from Cal door back in 1984. I still used to the numbers flip over. No, it's just you have the hand dial it and turn it yet and they have to adjust. The numbers physically have to change the time, but it still works. The radio store works the alarm stores stores so so like The numbers are literally like a little panels that like turnover and click into place. Now it's digital, but digital pushed it down the change it, but it's still 1 37 years old. That's Prudie seven years ago, a digital clock radio man that was cutting edge That probably was that was probably among the first. Cell door. Yeah, I remember. Yeah. You know, when you said cal door you blew my mind. I remember Cal door sort of. Why, John, Thanks for your call. Wouldn't thought about Cal door, but I remember Cal door. I don't know why I associate Keller with Ames. There must have been a calendar or near and aims somewhere, and neither of them exist anymore. But I'm not going to Cal door and remember going to Ames looking for the same thing. And so that is inextricable link in my head between those two defunct stores, But I bet you don't remember what the thing was having No idea. See, he's just remember that part and I think it was in Hamilton. I don't know. Yeah. Robyn Green. Brooke, You're on New Jersey One on 1.5. Yes. Good afternoon, guys. Retired Police officers, 55 shot revolver that I still carry off duty I've had for my whole career and I bought it from the officer who had carried him. Fryer. It's 35 years old. And still in fine working order. Perfect order haven't changed a thing. She would it twice a year. Wow! What is considered old for for a firearm. Well, they don't get over Volver has already been carried anymore, really law enforcement And in fact, he even tried to qualify. What do in summer Volver. That's all old school Barney Miller stuff right there. Yeah. Did you? Yes, since they're generally not carried any more Did you have to get some special permission to use that or now? Will be chief signs off on all on all weapons you qualify with obviously student enough, buddy, and he often that I brought it bought it from was a sergeant from that department. So it already had been shot. You know, multiple times. It was in good working order, so I bought it. Gotcha. It's pretty cool. Yeah, Yeah, that is. Why, Rob, Thanks for your call. All right, we're asking. This is a Facebook question that I thought was kind of interesting. What is the oldest thing that you own? But you still use 1 802 8311.5, Joe and Manville. You're on New Jersey one on 1.5..

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