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Expires in fourteen days. Restrictions apply see terms at sportsbook dot fan duel dot com gambling problem. Call one eight hundred gambler. You just heard from chiefs head coach. Andy reid and quarterback patrick mahomes. Now you'll hear from defensive. Tackle jarran reed followed by wide. Receiver byron pringle teams run belfry. Well so far it gets you all really good rushing teams working on the stop them. Is this something you think when people drive legal trying to do more of that. Tell you guys do stop. Yeah well i i the games we play. You know to really complex running teams. Not very good at what they do. They did a lot of complicated games. But you know give to the drug war. Go to practice. Tapa will tell blots cuba to the drawing board get better probably really hoping to pay from an. There's only so much you can pass. That copen came back fundamental conflict. The basic fundamental. You know tearing up. Like i said before you know reverend off now i'll turn off blocks. Just get going. And they'll give it to the basis of football. Get better we do said some of the problems. Defensively a mindset better in the second half to feature group that kind of that sense really passed the whole. He lives to play great. You know we got up to their challenge We to take it upon ourselves each and every day we start out fast. We start on physical. Zhao keep more not mesa or does it feel like it should feel Now we're not. We're going to be no still fairly new all of us playing together. We got a way to go. No we got what fifteen more games plus playoffs. I'm pretty sure we'll be there. You know we We can get better as we go. You know we're not gonna now. We won't keep you better each and every keyword and stop running japan's gives him sex removed life. The defense like that. Obviously from your safety making tackles and stuff like that the live university bags and they're getting paid. Fascia walk oh you know. We're not talking about it. You know we we gotta be better That's what we're gonna. Do you know getting back to do that. And we'll come. We're gonna try your blocks easy game. You better face do you. What does I think he's one of the in the league. You know he's a real special talent you know he was obviously the mvp to leave for a reason He's way. Does you know that's behind us. Now know we're moving forward. Why does present such a challenge to defend you know. He's a total of three now back. You know he can run the ball. Well he cares about a bad field. They can get involved screens. I'm pretty sure they're gonna try to get the ball to them. You know based on what we put on from the past two games but you know. We are focused on the whole team. As well you know just get to the game playing going to give up some points earlier in the season around. What is the key to getting this kind of thing. Turn around in the middle of the season we know. Just keep going and you know you got get better each and every day and it's going to start with practice you know you practice to prepare for the games. Now we prepare be physical. Gotta stop and run. We tell blocks. We gotta make tackles. He knows we'll take all of us as defense. I m you didn't have frank clark or to the second game. Did you see a big difference with the those two games. You definitely one of those guys on the field on. They're great guys play especially having timer bad there in the back again. No i haven't franken down the age. Those definitely guinness us advantage so now we put it all together and have a complete defense. I know it's more prevalent like communication. We definitely have to communicate better. That's one thing we definitely talked about. And we're going to pick up on. You know still fairly new at each other still feeling up but you know it's ej. I'm going to get better as where everything goes to gain crushing when you look at the. We're pissed off you know. It's not to standards. And now we have very high standards and trust me. We definitely gonna get on that. Get down and just keep going man. We keep my heads. We all get down on. You know we know who we are. We're gonna stand on the intensity like you guys play last year sometimes fan. Sometimes we're fans now you're on this team. That two straight super bowls obviously meant a lot to baltimore because they had beaten that she threw well. But you guys got to be ready for that every single time you go on the road with full houses and big target on the on the chief pack. Yeah you know we got spare. We're going to get east teamed. Very best Just because what he's done in the past year someone teams coming here. Is there super bowl. So you know we just gotta stay grounded and we gotta take each game is that you know we gotta take each game as we will get the team's best we step into a challenge and we play that much better as you sort of seen on that you can improve on it and just you guys sort of changed. Just gotta get gotta make the plays the plays an original man preferably why stop Now is being is being put out there on film. Pass through games We gotta work on. The women get better chelsea. I without a shield I don't feel well because when you come out with the door but When pack threw the ball the middle fills open. And i just turned out. Vertical and i may want defend amiss in I seen tyreek on the left hand side of me in his man was guarding him was coming close to me and i just gave him a right foot in the ground and just out random today. So that's one of the offi sir. Feel good be able to move better. feel better Have a lot of energy now Do to. I lost weight this off season. Just trying to keep improving. Kind of escort travis. Kelsey into the end zone touchdown. Great loss on this field team. Yes i got a mentality. I don't stop the whistle blow. So i keep working in Indeffinite by me. Or if i see them to make a tackle i if i'm in area try to block.

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