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Oil the thing is when i look at somebody like google and just how much data there scraping off of me in general it it's creepy but yet at the same time is spin to my benefit for daytoday life daytoday work cut a thing i think soglesby you know i used to think that was gugel now for instance bright but now is dying yep what the hell in ah this is koogle's guy you know look google you as googles imos all right after give you gotta give us those was acting at all the other plus it it i just i i kinda baffles me a but weirdly enough according to tech crunch android beats iowa us in smartphone loyalty actually they're they're quoting uh a study from consumer intelligence research partners are see i rp if it's really a strange wouldn't have expected this graf here android has ninety one percent brand loyalty compared with eighty six percent for iowa so if there is a switch going on it's from iowa us to andhra you would a thought that is it more of a switch from iowa's to samsung the ask that question was just so strong course in the android community in a strong in just the regular person's world of technologies is a switch though i mean a few years ago it was a easily uh iphone but that shifted in 2014 and it's been andrew's been going up uh ever since i'm loyal to my pixel phone speaking have given google more data the as he nine is you do you have the s nine yet yeah i have a a review were uh uh i i would say the only i understand what samsung is doing i think aunt is onto something it is that samsung has created some prrime the they have created iphone analogues in the android market uh i i think that uh is is it makes sense for us and song to pursue their own bixby and their own operating system the kind of floats on top of of android but it's it's really.

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