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This is a couple of years later after her husband was killed that when she got his belongings back. One of the blinds was his laptop and she said the screensaver his. You know his screensaver on his computer with lyrics to write her wedding. I mean I. I don't even know what to say stuff like that is because when you write songs from such a selfish personal place I never. I've never written a song that I thought I wanNA write us an anthem for the world. I want to write songs. That other people can It's I swear to you I am so selfish about my writing. I songs that please me that make me feel something that are therapy sometimes and I hope that other people like them. That's it so when someone's says stuff like that it's a privilege it's such a privilege to have created something that impact someone in anyway. Let alone like that. I have people now. That will come up to me and if they say you know. I just want to thank you because we we used your song on our wedding. I go. Shouldn't them better? So you're you're recording in your touring. I actually don't use that word. Just do show I. Do you know sixty seventy eighty shows a year all over the world and then the next year as a bunch more show so I just play shows and it's such a blast because it's not. It's not a album centric. I'm not promoting anything except my catalog of songs. Except now you have an album so we should talk about tour like I could do back up. Maybe yeah could do you. Could you could wear this thing. The daisies were so more tickets. They well it would be an interesting take on Richard Marx. Thank you for coming in being here with us. Always a pleasure and Sharon all these great stories. Next time you see Lionel. Give him a kiss on the cheek and I will for sure history on the right teat. Not that I remember but if he of course you remember kiss their indelible it is Richard Marx. Thank you for Sarah Time. Love someone.

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