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Eric dill the new boom brunell his and you brunette gan on more two really value you'll woken decrypt i want to win this is matthew aaron and commentary rent number eleven bitcoin split did not happen and the interesting thing in one of the reasons why i'm doing this ran today is the all the different aspects that are coming out of this rise to the split bitcoin cash the media the bitcoin isolationists unom know what you wanna call them isolationists bitcoin's you know folks the one and only bitcoin or the bitcoin worshippers i dunno can i think between is actually a religion at this point because some people are just a rational about bitcoin now what be queens should be you can fork you can't scale bitcoin bitcoin court the original one in only bitcoin but bitcoin these the change bitcoin was created in two thousand nine two thousand eight two thousand nine it is to don imagine having a cell phone from two thousand eight or two thousand nine i don't have a cell phone from two thousand aimed to the other night it's old technology i don't even know if my cell phone from two thousand nine we connect to the the interweb or the use the network the sell cellular network that's out there right now i know think it's it's compatible and not only even if it is compatible with the can do anything that i wanted to do can i sent a tax i don't i don't even know how to send a text anymore i don't text i use messenger apps facebook messenger we'd chat twitter if at like these are these the ways they communicate with people i don't make phone calls and if i do is through facebook messenger or what's up i don't douse maize number i dunno anybody's number and i never asked for anybody's number and i don't know maybe phone calls i've been to the.

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