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Plus years and editor of p w torch dot com your source for daily news live tv and pay per view coverage and special features and editorials hope checking that out every day and host of various via apple podcasts and the freeway tiller poll shows and we keller processing podcast. And this is the thursday paper view preview edition heading into helena sell on sunday. The other voice. You hear is sam roberts. Also no one is not sam but this is sam. He is part of w pre shows and kickoff shows hosted zone wrestling podcasts and has interviewed. How many have you interviewed half or more than half of progressing top stars right now. So top stars right now like today. Yeah we've definitely interviewed. Roman and ray and gone by the main events of the pay per view and drouin bobby for shore randy for sure Women never charlotte bianca Becky bailey your over your yeah. I think i've never interviewed omega. But i've interviewed moxley so you know the arab parable. Yeah yeah yeah so cool cool so samaranch my guest. Sam tell people about your podcast. You're media what you've got coming up or something that they should download down checkout well not now but in half done download and check out of your recent work we i mean part of the reason i've anybody all these people is because we got episode three hundred and forty eight will come out next. Week of nazi. I'm wrestling. you get the podcast wherever you get podcast. And i've got a first time interview on monday. I don't want to spoil what it is yet. I'll i'll tease it over the weekend. if you follow me on social at not sam but it's going to be a real fun one i'm having i'm doing in person interviews again so pretty excited about it. It's nice to. It's nice to have that connect but one ladder. That's somewhere in their first or last name. One lighter that somewhere in their first or last now a okay cool that eliminates a few. It's not it could be apollo crews but not commander isy ono commodities a anna's cook but it's not you know it's not big e that's right we've limited. Yeah so that's what. I was looking for someone that we can kingston. His name was no big e langston. It could be langston. But he doesn't go by biggie lane. So this is what. I'm going to spend a few days like a limited go through the roster and eliminating the ones without an an yes and you can get that you can get not same wrestling wherever you get podcasters. Look it up Search it and there's also you sorry it's not nikki cross notes nikki cross either call cannot nikki. Cry could be carrying across. You know. there's a in that name. Think but if you searched not saying wrassling wherever you get podcasts and also if you go to youtube dot com slash. Not sam wrestling. That is the wrestling only youtube page. That i have. I have Not sam wildfire everything else. But if you're looking for strictly wrestling content you'll find it there and and this weekend i'll be on the peacock network got peacock. You'll be able to watch me on the ultimate series. I think a lot of you guys would like that. Show we fantasy book like we did ultimate wrestlemainia where we just like fantasy book. A multi era wrestlemainia. So we're doing that with helena. Sal we're just putting together a the ultimate helena sell card where we where we create matches. Most of my suggestions rivalries that existed. Before helena us was even a thing. What would it have been like to see this. Layout and helena sell so it was fun. Yeah yeah so. That'll be on On peacock on the wwe section. On saturday or some sometime this weekend. I think on saturday. Also cool apple podcast compatibility new with torch. Vip podcast.

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