Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Supreme Court discussed on Mornings on the Mall with Brian Wilson


Appointments. And I even saw some Republicans sharing his tweet from 2013 yesterday, saying Thank you to everybody. You suggested that I undergo filibuster reform. This is a meaningful step forward for the American public. Something like that. I'm not looking at the tweet right now, and he basically was like this is a great day that we blow up the filibuster for judicial nominees. It was the darkest day. No, not at the time. Not the darkest day. I'm sure Chuck Schumer was muttering that to himself somewhere but now what? Seven years later? President Trump has now three Supreme Court picks that have made their way to the high court. Ah, and so you know, Harry Reid's words have come back to haunt him. And to hunt Chuck Schumer, who knows who now calls all of this the darkest day in the history of the United States Senate? Yeah, and extreme. But didn't that was brought up when they decided to take the vote when they had with sat there, having been Lindsay Graham brought up Harry Reid. What Harry Reid it and and outlines going back to justice. But to us to Judge Bork and what they did to Judge Bork and how the Democrats have set the standard in the tone the whole way, and things that they have done now have come back to haunt them. And So we are where we are because of things that they have done, and they're not happy. But you know, as as it was pointed out at the time to Harry Reid, you will not always be in the majority. And you're going to regret this. Someday. He was even asked if he regrets what you know, putting that into place because of where we are now. What's happening right now. And he said No, he had no regrets. I'm like, okay, well, of course not. Because you're not there. So you know he doesn't care. Yeah, well, you had continued. Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal warning yesterday there will be consequences from Republicans confirming Amy Cockney barrel and he wasn't alone and saying that But it's pretty funny like Democrats create a new rule, and then Republicans abide by it. And now Republicans were being threatened for following the rule that the Democrats created. That's a great that's a fun game. I like that game that that games so stupid is preposterous. But here we are. The United States Congress. Okay. Amy Cockney Barrel now a sitting United States Supreme Court justice. It's a big deal. Yes. What does it mean for the high court While she's got work to do immediately we'll tell you about that and more about how the left is reacting to it in just a moment is 5 15 traffic.

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