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Is he in a feud with his dad so many unanswered matching really crazy on that was a physical altercation like months ago, Google okay, but it wasn't answered on the show. No. But how about the shower shot? I saw like that. You see some marrying brand Manley Roman a but but fuzzy but both row. No. Did you see that stuff? I just I don't love the risque parts. Yeah. I wish it was like classy. Oh, like Heidi in the bathtub. Oh, brandon. Like I just keep a classy, we've been jumping around on this. So I feel like there's a little fragmented, which makes sense because that's come with this podcast is. But here's the one thing that I couldn't help notice when they started going to your brother, and Heidi a lot. Why do they have the one glasses that can fit an entire bottle of wine in them? They have to hold them like their T torches, and they're going down to the catacombs. They're so big. Why do you guys has a giant wine glasses? They drink every day, though. I fully noticed that and thought she had a harder time holding what he did, and then, like governor started crying, and she put down the wine. And, and he is like, I'm gonna drink your wine. She's like me really mad. And I'm like, how much what is in this how, how who what appeared to be fulltime assistance? Make your hair. They had one set. Assistant, one said gunners sums instant and one hundred a nanny and her makeup artists. Okay. Look like they had Lauda of. always there. Yeah. It's their friends. Glenn crazy rally is their godfather. So got a cool crew? I think also Perez Hilton is the gun is God found out during the series and that says everything about these two regional by the way, in the tease the next episode where pres- Hilton and me shook it into it res- Hilton, literally does what he does on his website in real life, where he somehow spins it to be an attack on him and not on me. And he's the godfather. I mean, it's just life sake. It's crazy. But whatever. Also you. You asked you asked earlier like in early episodes, if I would be able to tell you who the star of the show is. So I'm gonna tell you because I thought about it. Governor no, the star or the stars of the show is adrenal Justin Bobby God, I kind of agree. Oh for sure. One hundred per se, shedding out that your rounded, like adrenal is going to narrate the show. Really well at the beginning of the series, it's her talking, and I feel like maybe she had been doing it and they changed the format. The I, I think she was set to be the narrator. She definitely the star. She gets the open seen, right? And then you get the second scene, which is great. I have never looked at it like this. Yeah, I liked your kind of like here I am. Oh, I watch TV. I watch reality TV, like that, too, because you can tell who is important by how how they're lining everything up. You think for sure? I mean it's like it's like a cake you layer it in the way that you want people to before people, check out. You know, leave the show they wanna make sure they get you in the important thing..

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