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And obviously the texans were asked about the situation the press conference. It was the first thing they were asked now. Nick zero said to shawn watson is our quarterback then he was followed up with. Does that mean that the shawn watson is not going to be traded and he said that it is important for us to take some time and they will have discussions with shawn watson at the appropriate time. Kyle and i've said it before. There are some questions when there is only one answer that you can give and if you say anything else other than that answer we know what you really mean if they say does this mean he won't be traded and you say you don't say anything other than no he won't be traded. He could get moved very simple. Just close the book right there. Will he be traded nope. He's our franchise quarterback we love him. We signed him to an extension. This year you will be with a franchise for the next five whatever how ever many years he signed through but he just gave another answer. So that's why all the talking heads are going to continue to come up with these hypotheticals about the shawn watson being traded and it's fair because gm did not close the door on that. If i ask you if you want to marry me and the the next word out of your mouth is not yes or some form of that. You don't wanna marry me like it is very very simple and you nailed it. He's twenty five years old. He's an absolute stud. His contract is not untradable even though he just signed there would be about a twenty. What is it twenty. One point six million dollars cap it. I think something in that ballpark like this is possible. I'm not saying it's you know he's definitely going to the forty niners but it's definitely possible. He gets traded absolutely and as you mentioned his contract. You factor in the money that houston save as well and again new. Gm they're starting over so for all we know watson's not his guy even though he's one of the best quarterbacks nfl you should claim him but he could very well want to recoup draft picks. Get up because if you do trade watson you're going to be able to get whatever you want you can say. Three first round picks three second round picks. And somebody's going to be like yeah. I'll do that for watson. Because why wouldn't you so if that's how chooses to go then i don't know there's just so many different rows today can go and again just say no like he could have easily stopped this right now. That's the most telling thing you could have stopped this and you chose not to. It wasn't a mistake like you. They chose their words carefully. And so this is where we are and you know there was a report out of houston that they're not gonna trade him and all that but dis- shaun's got a little a little muscle that he can flex here because first of all he has a no trade clause so he's not going to go anywhere he doesn't want go but also you know he could boycott offseason workouts. Those are voluntary. He does not have to show up for those. You know it's instead of being the guy that comes early and stays late. You're the guy that comes late and leaves early like there's a minimum amount of stuff. You can do all within the rules of without violating your contract. That creates a problem for your team. Yeah they're asking for it because they don't have as much leverage and then what did we talk about this. You see people respond to well. The players are on the team. They signed the contract just shot. No that's not how this works man. And you wouldn't do that for your job. So don't act like athletes should do that for. There's it is very simple as they are in control if they are not happy with. What's going on. There's no reason that they to their job. We would not do the same thing so yeah. That's a good point just as far as the offseason things that he can skip out on. He's not going to lose any money if he does so so he has no real reason to go there. He yields a lot more power than i think. People understand so if he wants out he can really get out. And i say this as a fan of a team that has at sometimes been a complete laughing stock of an organization and at sometimes like right now i feel like is one of the best run organizations in all of football reputation matters. Culture matters it matters when you're an organization who used to have an owner that we can't have the inmates running the prison. That stuff matters. And then when you when you combine that with how they're mismanaging their relationship with him and basically slapping him in the face by making them think he's going to be part of the the searches for coaches and gm and then doing the complete opposite. This is what happens. All that stuff adds up. There's no trust there. There can't be any and he wouldn't be acting like that if there was trust. If there was trust they probably would have involved him if there was trust he wouldn't be ignoring them. I said since. Monday or tuesday or whenever this whenever the higher happened it. There's too many things here for us to ignore not and not explore. You know a watson being traded it just. It just doesn't make sense okay. So this is the niners podcast. Let's have a little fun kyle. You sort of talked about it earlier. What does it take to get. The shawn watson went basically everybody in the league separate like three teams is going to be interested in them absolutely. And that's another thing you're going to have. You're going to have to outbid a lot of other teams as well. But i wonder if and i'm not sure if watching a no trade clause or anything but if if you could die okay so if you could control his destiny than you do hold more cards than obviously another team that that doesn't have a as strong of a roster as you. So i'm going to go to the texans. I'm going to show them my roster. So they don't have a first or second round pick this year so that's theirs and we already know that i'm going to give them that. I'm gonna probably give them next year's first as well with which you're gonna have to anyway and probably next year second and hey you can have anybody. But i am boza. Take your pick and if that gets done then. That's what i'm going to do. I know a lot of people would probably not want to trade. George kittle going to trade tight end for a quarterback and i know how how good of a player. George kittle is i now dominate. He is he is the best tight end in the nfl. He's not as valuable as the shawn watson and we have to think of it in those types of terms. So that's why me no bosa best. He's going to be the best player in the nfl or going to be the best defense in the nfl for years to come and i it's not that he's not tradeable. I just would rather have watson have a guy to have that type of player to throw too because you know you don't want to set him back so that's probably what i'm doing. I'm going to give them essentially whatever they want. How about you well. You didn't mention fred warner when you mentioned the two guys that are on tradeable would you. Would you put warner in a deal. That's that's a tough question. Because i mean he's right he probably be the next or one of the top. He's one of the top five. But if that's what. It took for me to get a quarterback like not just a quarterback deshaun watson who i know is going to be a dominant player one of the best quarterbacks in the nfl for the next ten years. Yeah i'd be willing to unload linebacker and in that sense. And obviously fred warner is covers like a safety but we have to talk about it in terms of positioning when fred warner was off the field i imagine the forty niners drop is not that steep compared to what a quarterback compared to deshaun.

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