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Says sixty eight percent of likely voters in the states support their agenda, antsy hardy, NewsRadio one zero five point nine FM federal agents and local police said they found more than one hundred missing children in a one day sweep in Michigan ever more than three hundred children reported missing in Wayne County, and it's the biggest city Detroit. Michigan state police Lieutenant Mike Sean says of the more than one hundred children located many were runaways, including one boy would run away from foster care after being abandoned by his mother turns out he had returned back to his now bacon home and hadn't eaten in three days. You still making his bed and acting like he was living in that home. Even though he wasn't going to school. Now being put back in school in foster care. Three cases, Sean says are being investigated as human trafficking, Sandra McNeill, four CBS news, Detroit. The California Department of motor vehicles says it may have mistakenly registered up to fifteen hundred non-citizens vote happened when some applicants accidentally filled in the wrong box for voter eligibility, and then ask DMV workers to fix it. It was those corrections that didn't get properly logged this is on top of revelations of the agency botched voter registration for some twenty three thousand people by inadvertently swapping. Their party preferences, Fresno assemblyman, Jim Patterson has been a longtime critic of the DMV they have mismanaged a lot of the technical dollars that they've been given an order to to streamline using the internet after so it's been a significant long-term failure. And they just seem to say, we'll fix it with more money. Holly Kwan for CBS news. San Francisco market news coming up WBZ news time, six fifty through Alfa Romeo's shirt, Ziglar, Alfa Romeo..

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