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Be happy about that. Okay, Take care. Thanks. You're welcome. Enjoy your drive. Okay? Will do. It is 7 15 in the morning. It's Saturday, October 3rd 2020 and the next segment of the home An appliance show is brought to you by Dalton Environmental Cleaning 28 years and longer on the air with me nonstop all these years, all that expenditure on advertising and trust me. Not one complaint about Dalton and environmental air duct cleaning. He does it the way it's supposed to be done. He does it According to the standards of the industry, he does it to perfection. That's Dalton. Environmental Air duct cleaning the phone number 877. Dalton's that goes to 8773 to 5. 86 67 wear the home an appliance show. We're here until eight o'clock this morning, and then we're back again next Saturday. 6 A.m. two A. M. If you'd like to stay in touch with the shoulder in the week, a couple of ways to do it. One has to go to our Web page w jr dot com slash appliance. When you're there, you can confirm the schedule for our show for the upcoming weekend. Specially during football season. We can get bounced around a little bit, so check it out, but we'll definitely be on next Saturday. 6 A.m. two A. M. And then while you're there, you can also listen to past episodes of the show. Maybe you missed it Segment. I want to hear it again, do it right there, And you could also see a list of our preferred partners. If you're looking for some help yourself around your home around your business, so that's a W jr dot com. Slash appliance thie otherway to stand touches to email The appliance Dr Joe Cannon at his own personal email, right? Dear Joe, I know it's going right to him. All you need is the email address. Here's what it is A P p L. That's the first four letters of appliance D O C T..

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