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That is so beautiful. Net is so beautiful beautiful prayer. Isn't it I think that's why everyone wants it to be the prayer Saint Francis because it does seem to capture his life and the way he lived in harmony with the people around him in nature. It did the things that people were afraid to do. I'll give you one example. This is the eight hundred of this particular event actually there was at one point When the leader of the Crusades which were going on at this time his name was the sultan l.? Camille of Egypt had said that he would give a team gold coin to any Muslim that brought him the head of a Christian. That's how dangerous. It wasn't when France has heard this. He said I'm going. That's where I need to be. That's who I need to meet. And of course. Everyone told him that he was crazy. And that he would be any tortured and killed and he said it doesn't matter I need to at least try so he and one of his brothers brother. Aluminum had made three different attempts to travel into the Muslim territory once they were shipped wracked at a couple of things happened finally on the third time he made it and of course they were immediately captured captured and tortured and sentenced to die and there they were imprisoned them singing and celebrating. The Sultan couldn't understand this so he he decided to make sport with Francis and give him an audience and no one knows exactly what happened in that audience but what we do know is the that the sultan was so impressed with him and so impressed with his dedication that he not only let Francis in aluminum live but let them travel throughout the whole Islamic territory. Preaching the Gospel and when I first started my own ministry people began calling me the peace troubadour because I was responding bonding to that story in being the first religious peacemaker and there was something that happened in one thousand nine hundred eighty six because of that example. Pope John Paul. The second in October of of maybe it was November of eighty six. He called the leaders of all the different religions together in Assisi the home of Saint Francis not to discuss talk but to simply pray the peace sprayer from each of their traditions. So that Alah. I`Ma King for the Buddhist and all the different leap years the Muslim leader all of them came to a C.. Is he and a friend of mine. was there and brought those peace prayers back and when I was giving them I had this remarkable experience. Where in one hour? I put all twelve of them to music. That was twenty five years ago. And that's when I began traveling around the world title De Piece Troubadour at I just wanting to imitate Francis to be a penniless troubadour into just share these prayers and and then I began getting invited to countries at war or conflict for example Saddam Hussein brought me to Iraq and we will begin the campaign. Yeah and A Bosnia Northern Ireland many places. One of the most dramatic was a few years ago. When I I did a concert and a prayer vigil on a hill overlooking a village in Syria held by Isis? And that was when I got probably the the best publicity of my life when when Bill Marr on his TV show called me the idiot folk singer from Portland. How did you end tab in that position because oftentimes you can't get in in that type of a an the area number one but number two to be invited into that kind of territory? Every situation is is different whenever I have Had One of these peace concerts or prayer vigils. I could take a different story in different miracles with each one of these stories. Incredible things things that have happened in the case of the Syria We were actually on the border in the Golan Heights which is an an Assyrian area area but controlled by Israel and we had ministers and rabbis and Iman so people representing the three Abraham Mc religions. Were there and this. This was put together. By by local organizers. We had two buses Palestinians in Israeli is and Christians all coming together to this spot and there was and literally the war was going on right in front of us. He could hear the guns. You could hear the battle but when the vigil when the concert started when they would be millions of people around the world were focusing their energy on their prayers at that moment at that spot the war literally paused used during that whole period. There were no guns. No no battles and here's the other interesting thing As I said there were people all over the world who were focusing focusing with us and I was watching my clock so I would know win this fifteen minute period of silence within and I was getting ready to uh-huh nounce that this silence had ended when we took a breath and before I could say anything. Suddenly apparently right below us there were there was a pack of wolves and will one wolf began to howl within two and then three and then within seconds this whole pack of wolves howled for one a minute and then stopped. And that's how we knew that this vigil had taken hold and every time we've done this. Miracles have happened three days later. Peace negotiations a cease. Fire was negotiated in Munich The power of this level of prayer is so incredible so it all goes back to Saint Ain't Francis. He was the one who inspired this sort of peaceful world religion movements eight hundred years ago and here we are just now beginning to understand the power of such a movement and using it to to make a vast impact obvious situations so there is some type of prayer of intercession that is used is. How does they leave? How does this inspiration calm? Because I've got to tell you when you're talking talking about this. I'm absolutely getting chills. Thinking about when you say that fifteen minutes of silence what I am thinking is how incredible at that moment. The sound of silence when we talk about the sound of silence really is because for people who who live in that environment. That is very profound. Yeah what we is asked people to do in a situation like that wherever they are in the world to stop for fifteen minutes and to feel that peace already prevails those in Syria or Iraq or wherever it is that we are focusing here. There's a big difference between a prayer of of trying to remember what the right word is when you're asking for peace like if I'm praying for peace in Syria for example okay the first place place where my mind is is that peace. Isn't there in my energy. And the prayer is the energy itself not the words that the energy is going to this. This is a war we we need to bring peace there and that does not have as much impact is when we get millions or thousands of people together and ask them to feel or to imagine that piece already prevails in Iraq in Syria or wherever. It may be when you get people together creating that energy feeling that it's already there regardless of what it looks like regardless of what it says in the news. I'm going to feel that it's already not there. That is that is the highest level of prayer. So it's not about saying something we don't give a prayer out and say just say this rare because because words alone nothing if the energy behind the words that are the prayer okay healing that the prayer has already been answered is the most powerful prayer. You know that's really interesting that you say that feeling that the prayer has been answered because often in times that is where the question of faith comes in and people say well how do you know and someone says will I have faith and that really kind of answers the question about faith because if you already feel that that's going to be answered then there's a knowing and it is in fact. Let me just tell you one story of so you can get an idea of just how powerful this is and I can tell you many stories. But here's one So Oh I two dear friends Greg Brayden during virtue and back in I think nineteen ninety nine. We did a series of these prayer vigils primarily primarily around the situation in Iraq is as before the second time we went in and Saddam Hussein was still in power and they were we're beginning kicking out the UN inspectors and things were looking bad. It was looking like we the work start again at any moment and off. The aircraft carriers were were in the Gulf. President Clinton was under pressure to go ahead and invade again. So we called one of these prayer vigils and Greg enduring and I were in different places I was actually on the border of Iraq for that and what happened was we. We called everyone together to pray into hold this energy just as we're describing and we felt something shift you could. You can really feel it when it happens. But we didn't know what happened until the next morning and suffered was at the same time there were millions of people holding this vibration. This prayer President President Clinton had given the order for the the bombing to begin and so the the aircraft carrier launched all of its fighter jets. They were hovering the air waiting to drop their weapons drop their bombs and no one knows to this day would happen but a why he did this. But President Clinton twice twice gave stand down orders and called the jets back to the ship and at least that night while there were millions of people holding that vibration Gratien. It was as if the war could not happen. No one died. No bombs fell and you can say well. It was a coincidence. Well maybe it was but I I. It's happened happened so many times. I just don't believe in coincidences. I believe that this is not only a powerful force but I believe that when when thousands and large groups of people bull even millions of people come together and they activate this level of prayer I believe is the most powerful force in the universe. So what's interesting interesting is that you're taking this on the road and there is going to be an instrument of prayer because there is is a lot of people that are going to and with your music chime in on this with what you're doing because they're going to be following it and praying along the way for your safety and for people to also become instruments with what you're a doing and for what change is going to be making in not only our society with what's going on around with what you have going there. There's a lot more to this and I know that you have some things in mind as well. Well this is this whole story is going to be a supreme act of surrender and trust And I have to say doing this musical has been the most. It was fun thing. I think I've ever done and I've been a lot of fun things in my life. I've had a lot of great adventures but traveling around as Saint. Francis has been the greatest of them all in fact like I should say that if people want they can see the first twenty minutes of the musical right now because I was recently in Assisi where I performed a three times and and it was shot by a video crew and be have The first twenty minutes online so maybe I can give the website making go to Jimmy. Twin T. W. Y. A. N. dot com Jimmy twin dot com. And you'll see a link at the top that says get more information on the musical..

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