Nets, Kevin Durant, Tatum discussed on Open Floor: SI's NBA Show


This team is a 7 seed for a reason. And going into the series, there was a lot of a lot of respect for Kevin Durant, of course. But he's going up against the best defense in the league, a defense that is basically constructed to there's never been a defense that could successfully shut him down. But as good of a defense as he's ever faced in his life, Tatum is the best player in the series easily and just dominating the one on one matchup guarding Durant. As the primary defender in every game. So in terms of his legacy, this will be if they do lose the recording this on a Monday afternoon. If the nets do lose if they're swept, this will be the second first round series to ran has ever lost. He's a great, great, great, great player. I don't think this impacts too much of how we should view him. I think that how the nets have been coached, how the nets have been constructed, their decisions as an organization are much more emblematic of their struggles in this series. And so that's where I'll leave that. I think the way that Doran has been defended has been magnificent and sure, he could hit more shots, but there's a lot of issues going on in Brooklyn. Yeah, so first of all, I'm with you. I think his legacy is, I think his legacy is he's the best scorer ever. And I think he's undeniably like a top ten talent ever. I think kind of where the resume or accomplishments ultimately end up might be a little bit up for debate. I think if we want to go there, I think in a vacuum, most of us would say he's a better player than Steph Curry, but I think Steph is going to finish his career and rightfully so as the more accomplished player..

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