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Of your video the server by the rolling stones came along at the right time and adolescent through Grabow who exactly how the catalog of **** I would find himself home forty and in need of some relief and there you were what I would flip over to MTV BET yeah there you were with that term hair those stir up pants that you are in the purple flash dance off the shoulder top has you covered the rolling stones beast of burden and I know what it was about using this all and my teenage hormones combining at the right time but that you met many of my unborn children the terrible cover but it brings me right back they quite know how one would make love but I damn sure want to find out through a live hi how are you eight year-old's chairman how've you been Kevin everything's good man how bout you good man doing funny well good Hey good thing was that the Florida what I'm concerned about is how do you keep all the tourists from coming here once this once we open up the state I mean Orlando in summertime is if not I would not agree to shut the whole state well they could come now I mean I think there's nothing's actually stopping people from from getting on a plane from anywhere in the country coming here now right other than stepped up law enforcement which is always there at the state line they're always waiting for you to go two miles per hour over the speed limit so they can write you a ticket between Georgia and Florida other than that we we think we should wall off the borders like we talking about yeah well that's what American everyone saying Ford is like we're ready to go but I don't have people from all over the world here in two months we already do do well what okay thanks Kevin present a very much good to hear from you man this is an interesting breaking news so above them seems like the majority of people got their stimulus check today yeah B. B. and T. SunTrust U. S. bank and PNC bank are all down their their mobile sites are all down right now and people cannot access their bank accounts so many people probably trying to pay the bills and they could profit could just be a massive influx of people who just got money for the right time course I do have a question of how they did this because people have multiple bank accounts that's true it's whichever one you filed for direct deposit on your on your taxes right yeah okay yeah did you do that yeah okay so trust me I've done my taxes I've not I've not that I've done my taxes yet well you have till June so until may but that doesn't give you a little bit of anxiety I mean if anything like you you may just not have to pay and why does society Dr tax exactly I mean all the painting I'm get money back so I guess I should go ahead and do it but just get it done all right fine they had a daily from hot one on five checking in the beach with Leonardo DiCaprio is a much better movie I don't know that film I've seen it come up on the HBO on demand and I thought do I want to watch this movie but watching movies Leonardo di Caprio is a painful reminder of how attractive he is and how I am not awful and then brit so much said a bit Midler is two things to me hocus pocus which I've not seen and ruthless people which is one of the most underrated comedies in the history of film I sat it I'll say it again ruthless people is one of the most underrated comedies in the history of American cinema Danny DeVito Bette Midler the best judge in the universe judge Reinhold and Helen Slater in a kidnapping gone wrong tale classic film do not alive hi you tell me Sir you called Hey bro this marks from south Orlando I'll be back with your cars we went to the circus world the baseball boardwalk I don't think we're disease together but okay yes Sir mark what's up but not not together we have used you forgot one thing about the biller those those lips those luscious lips that Midler Bette Midler her left yeah I I don't know I her lips or anything that came out of her mouth was certainly nothing that appealed to me but thank you for the creepy walk down memory lane do not alive hi how can I help you yeah Hey I did my taxes through H. and R. block but I got a emerald card that you're going to give me my taxes back on okay but I still I still haven't even got my taxes back on that yet but I'm listening to your show thank you you know I hear you say it most people have gotten their you know their stimulus back I wonder if you know anything about people that really don't have a bank account but I have to the card that I'm going to get my taxes back on what made you finally come good question John I don't know for certain about that card that's unique situation that I'm not sure of I do know that that if you do not didn't get it through direct deposit that you would be waiting for a heart check yeah well it's basically directed probably gives direct deposit right on that card that's what I assumed I called to check the balance this morning and it told me that you know there's families check was being process or whatever like that but if you can't find anything about about it yeah I am looking at something I'm looking at something right now that does say that if you have that emerald card they are expected to get those the stimulus on your emerald card from what I'm reading right now from the that also because I keep hearing you say everybody got their checked they got their check you just said that he said most people got their check and now you're saying he said everybody okay anyway sorry seven two seven five seven I wanted to find I mean anytime we bring it up we've got people you know that just shows between the banks crashing anytime we bring it up people calling in saying looking for help anywhere and I feel sorry for those people there I think they obviously can't get answers from anybody and people are waiting on this money so I I feel for everyone that they didn't get it yet totally agree we're gonna come back and talk to Jane castor but I would be remiss if I did not play.

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