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I'm Jim McAllister in for Nikki Maduro. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you to Brett Burkhardt for always having my back and John Daly as well and rock and roll. Anthony Clark read so much appreciate all of you and all of you listening here on KGO. If you were talking about it, we're talking about it. Kgo San Francisco San Jose Ochlik. Cumulus station. From ABC News. I'm Michelle Franzen debate over the amount of direct stimulus checks for Americans back on the Senate floor today that after President Trump demanded lawmakers increased the amount to 2000 from the $600 that was approved for days. The president refused to sign that bill he finally did on Sunday that leaves Senate leader Mitch McConnell and Republicans Who don't support an increase in a tough spot. Partisan compromise was our shot at getting help to working families on the urgent timeline. If they need. Democrats have already passed the House bill supporting the $2000 direct payments. Senator Bernie Sanders, though vowing to filibuster unless McConnell calls for a vote on the Senate floor coronavirus cases continue to surge around the country hospitalizations in Southern California taxing facilities and staff. At the same time vaccinations continue, including in Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer in a briefing today urging residents, though, to hunker down for the new year celebrations, even though she says it will be tough now is not the time to let down guards. Pandemic will not be over. Just what the beginning of a new year. But.

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