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Just a little while. But I just need to get this off my chest. 'cause I'm emotional about this you see, ladies and gentlemen, you might ask yourself. Why the hell is he mess mess mentioning the Washington Wizards you might ask yourself that question might do that. I don't blame you for asking. 'cause they're pretty damn relevant right now. And I get that. But you see, ladies and gentlemen, I like my schedule. And I never apologized for my schedule. I got people looking at me on national television right now. Listen to me on national radio right now. What the hell is he talking about? It's very very simple. My social life matters to me damn it. And I'm not apologizing for it. I happen to like the city of Washington DC. I happen to light Philadelphia, Pennsylvania my second home because I worked there for seventeen years as a reporter for the Philadelphia Kwara happen to love New York City, my home where I was born and raised born in the Bronx raised in Hollis, Queens, New York baby even like Boston because I think their fan base is phenomenal. Don't get much better than Boston. Celtics fans. I'm here to tell you that right now doesn't get much better. But having said all of that because of my work schedule when I'm out west, I'm in two places, I'm in LA on obviously in Oakland because damn it. That's where the worry is are. I just in a flying anywhere else. Anybody else? I wanna see out west. I'll see when they come to L A or Oakland. Those cities that I mentioned that you and eat I'm very very busy, man. I love Charlotte. Love Charlotte went to school with the sale of state, my alma mater, go Rams keep pride die. That's right. I'm not giving North Carolina anti and he loved then he enemy respect the hell out of yellow. But I'm in from Winston Salem state and our fifteen minutes away from Charlotte. I love being down in Charlotte. Just don't get an opportunity to do that much. Who the hell doesn't like the AT L? But we know how sorry that team has right now, they're rebuilding. Trae young is going to be he's going to be nice. And get me started. How I feel about Miami. We all know how much I miss out beach. I just gave LeBron James for leaving to go back to Lake Erie. Take me from south beach, sunshine Biscayne Bay, chilling in a Florida sun covering basketball and the next season the open other season, I'm in four degree weather off Lake Erie doing sports and outside. Why the hell do you think? I didn't like LeBron James, very simple. But that's what under the bridge because he's an LA now. And I love him for it. He's all right with me. But the east coast it's about Boston New York. Philly d c in anytime knows they live up to snuff, go off. Now, you might say well, Steven Huckabee you're going over both the Knicks. It's very very simple. The Knicks perpetually stink. So many times you expect me to say it. I like this Steve mills and Scott Perry and David facility because they're moving in a different direction. I'm going to give them a mulligan. This year next year. I'll be all up in them. If they stink up the joint then and they don't get a marquee free agent free agency. But until then they get past because when you perpetually stink. And you finally changed courts in terms of culture, you need a little time. To Washington Wizards do not have that excuse, ladies and gentlemen. You see when you look at the Washington Wizards and how awful they have been to in eight second worst record in the Eastern Conference. Let's be very very clear about what I'm trying to say the Washington Wizards right now stink. They smell like skunk soup pass gas. Somebody's gotta say it. So I'm saying it they're horrible right now. The reason I'm going off about them is because they're not a horrible team. They're just being horrible because they're not acting like a team. John walls four year. Max extension of one sixty nine point three million dollars hasn't even kicked in yet. It doesn't kick into next season. How do you come into this looking out of shape? You never had a great jump shot. Your game is.

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