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Long do you think you could withstand from going to claim that money? Why we're going to go through a lot. I wanna make sure I take the proper steps. I do whatever I have to do the lawyer secure everything. And then yeah, let's go pick it up like Greg claim in. Yeah. Like, go get it before something changes, somebody changes their mind or you lose ticket or. Me that you lose a ticket one point five billion dollars. Okay. Mega millions prize remains unclaimed in South Carolina. This cannot believe someone lost the ticket. They just have no idea they want October twenty third is when they won. Yeah. Twentieth. They're running out of time. And guys, remember, December four months, that's great. They lost the ticket. They have no idea they want and they never going to be claimed. And this is so crazy me because I would be there. The next hour. The billion. You wouldn't even do the staff there. Close. I would get my sleeping bag asleep on the sidewalk in front of the lottery office until the next morning. I think they are kidnapped you go and buy a ticket for this big jackpot. Everybody's anticipating the big jackpot. So you think you would be sitting down to look at those numbers the minute they come out because you're caught up in the hysteria. How do you buy a ticket for the one point five billion in just forget about it on point palmar, gosh, the winner has a hundred and eighty days to come forward and claim the prize? It's eight hundred seventy million lump sum. That's nice. That's life changed that deadline runs out. April nineteenth February twentieth..

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