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And when we're talking about it in a positive way, we're not talking about it as a hindrance and again someone like bass Felipe he just played so, so well, you know, coming through in 5 sets. Yes, there are a couple of blips there. He still is losing too many tie breaks for my liking Kim. I feel like he could have got it done in four. And I did wonder whether he once he lost that force that whether it was going to run away from him from him from a little bit. But the fact that he's got, I think, you know, so much experience, a kind of draw upon and great memories as well, I think, from Melbourne, a place that he loves to play. I think that's kind of what got him through and yeah, faces faces Taro Daniel in the next round. Yeah, Terry Daniel, I don't know too much about him. I've seen his name in many a draw sheet, but never really watched him. I think he's a 120 in the world, so I mean, that's currently a sort of similar ranking to Andy, of course, but yeah, Japanese player is about 28 years old. I don't really know what to expect, but I have this sense that Andy should beat him. And I think would usually, but I don't think we can take that as a give me. So again, a match at a time, but I would love to see Murray against sinner in the third round, so obviously really hoping that Andy can come through and just take it. Straight sets. We need a straight line. We do need that. I think his body needs that. We all need it. I'm sure Murray fans would rather have that and not the Murray coaster that they've been going on that you guys have all been going on so much. I mean, his last straight sets win was against Benoit paire at Wimbledon in 2017. Just to tell you how long ago that is, Benoit paire did get to a fourth round of a Grand Slam, which doesn't feel like it has happened recently. Although he is in the second round here, but yeah, I hope Andy Murray I think if he does want to kind of cause a stir and make people think, oh, where how far can and how deep can you go in the tournament? I do think he's going to need to be able to kind of close these matches out and have as little court time as possible. And I think, as I said, we've qualified like Taro Daniel on the court next in round two. I think that's for him. Yes, you obviously want him to win. But I think that is a good opportunity for him to get on the court three sets, get off the court and then hopefully look forward to potentially around three match against Yannick sinner. Easier said than done and maybe I'm thinking about that's what I think the Andy Murray of old would probably potentially think. But I certainly think with the way he's playing and the confidence in the belief that he has, I think that he should really be looking to get the job done against a qualifier and kind of in a dismissive fashion to kind of put the statement win together, I think. Yeah, and one thing that was quite strange in his match today on the John Kane arena was what he thought was people in the crowd booing but was actually a sort of Cristiano Ronaldo style celebration. Yeah. I've never heard this before, but they were all saying super instead, which obviously sounds like people booing. And they were doing that in the curious match, which was followed and that was curios against Liam Brody, of course. And I mean, this was a classic kind of curious, you know, showing up on the John Kane arena. He did a between the legs underarm serve in his first service game, just absolute classic Nick curios. It was a fairly entertaining affair of straight sets, just pretty much a break in each set. And annoyingly, the first two sets Liam got broken in his first service game. So kind of always playing catch up really. But I mean, curios has got Medvedev next, which I expect will be also entertaining, but I do expect method of will will come through and put curios well, I want to say please play. I mean, curios has a leading head to head. He's never lost him ever, but I think you know that was before me became a Grand Slam champion. I think Medvedev is a different kettle of fish these days. I think that encounter is going to be fascinating because we all know how Medvedev and the crowd react or how they don't react. So I think it's going to be interesting to see how Medvedev as well as curiosity with the crowd in that match because yeah, this match was, I think, like a wild ride, yeah, it felt exhibition Y at times underarm serving through the leg shots as well. It was great to see, you know, Liam Brody just reached the main draw of a Grand Slam. It meant we saw in the end of qualifying how much it meant to him dropping to his knees and he's obviously playing some really, really good tennis at the moment. I thought he put in a very decent performance against Nick curios who, again, just showed how much talent he has particularly with so many free points you can get on his serve. He's always going to be dangerous. You do wonder I think around his fitness. He spoke quite candidly about the fact that he's had coronavirus recently and that left him bedridden for a few days. He was fortunate that where he was isolating, he did have a tennis court to practice some practice and serves on, but you do have to wonder if he does get pushed into a fourth or a 5th or the conditions are really, really punishing what effect that is going to have on curiosity. But at the same time, as always, you do wonder if the crowd certainly love him and will galvanize him and will probably give him a pint of beer as well, which he gladly took at the end of the Lee brodie batches he walked off. Yeah, how often do we see that? Yeah, I mean all the Aussie guys that must absolutely he's must be there like spirit I do I feel. Yeah, no, I mean this classic curios and like you said recently had COVID. I mean, quite a few players have recently had COVID, obviously emerged carding. So it does sort of make it interesting. You don't often know, I guess it depends how badly they had it, how it affected their training. But some might actually bounce back really quickly. Others will obviously take longer to kind of get into the groove. So it throws a new sort of element of intrigue, I suppose, I mean, not that we want this element of inventory, but it's effective quite a few players hasn't it in different ways..

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