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Radio global news 24 hours a day powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries this is bloomberg things nathan now with our other top stories i'm just night on twitter is working on a new snapchat style feature that makes it easier to post videos on the social media companies app according to people familiar with the matter the san franciscobased company has a working demo of a camera centered product but the design has not been finalized that he a year has seen one hundred sixty four billion dollars worth of merger deals that's the most since two thousand jp morgan chase and deutsche bank expect the trend to continue as companies use cheap funding for acquisitions and sell more shares to the public deutsche bank also expects initial public offerings to increase in two thousand eighteen bank of america is taking steps to close the pay gap for women and minorities bloomberg's donna wilson has details the company says it will impose new restrictions on asking about a job candidates salary history the bank says it will consider new hires for qualifications rolls them performance rather than how they've been compensated in the past according to the pew research center women in the us earn an average of eighty three percent of what men made in 2013 and black americans zorin seventy five percent of the rate for whites donna wilson bloomberg radio apple is getting ready to take on amazon and the eib book business again in two thousand twelve the justice department sued apple and book publishers over its first effort that resulted in a four hundred fifty million dollar fine this time apple is working on a redesigned version of its ebook reader app for iphone and ipads caterpillar had a pleasant surprise for its investors bloomberg's patrice sikora has the story the deerfield illinois based company projected growth in its construction and mining equipment businesses forecasting increased sales to china and expansion in north america it's 2018 forecasts for earnings surpassed an average of estimates compiled by bloomberg estimates for caterpillar earnings had risen sixteen percent the past three months the most in the dow jones industrial average amid signs it's been proven demand around the globe patrice sikora bloomberg radio.

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