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Welcome into memorial Hermann post game show. Everybody rockets fall tonight in Portland one ten one on one the six game winning streak is snapped rockets now twenty two and sixteen on the season Portland at twenty three and seventeen after getting the win tonight. Really the strength of the Portland lead in this game for the entirety of the second half was built on what they did at the end of the second quarter when they went on a twenty two three run to take thirteen point lead in that game. Austin rivers carried the rockets in the first half, he had seventeen at the break and the rockets. Would fight their way back into it as they are known to do with James harden getting going early in the third quarter art across the timelines straightaway. Right left back left. Then right, then back to the left hand will drop it in a little teardrop rd. That teardrop of the two point variety. Followed by the three point variety here. Harn left with the free throw line austat back. Three is up in the first three ball of the game for the beard. That cut the lead to eight and things start to get a little bit more interesting. And then it was click cappella splitting a couple of defenders for a basket. Just like that at thirteen point lead again for Portland. Here's capacity kids to blazer defenders. And he throws it down. Emphatic dunk fair cut the Portland lead to eleven and then Gerald green who had a nice second half got into the act white handrail in the paint turns lanes fadeaway ten footer front rim side glass through. Nice move and shot there for green almost as nice as the three that he hit next. We'll keep it at seventy to fifty eight with six twenty two remaining in the third. Green open straightaway. Three is on the way in. After a Damian Lillard three put them back up by sixteen harden would cut that back about three twelve. Yeah. Straightaway from twenty-five seventy seven sixty four and they kept chipping away is hard and found James Ennis for a bucket come away with his aren't looking for an incident, he'll drop it in for a nice mid court feed. Portland's half court game didn't work. The rockets did. So they were looking to get back within single digits as the third quarter came to a close. And James harden, made it happen aren't right side angle going into layman's. Get spy Lehman throws it up drops it in. Missile. So the rockets would win the third thirty one twenty seven James harden with twenty in that third quarter, and it was eighty six seventy seven trailblazers as we went to the fourth James harden on the bench to start the fourth quarter, which meant that Austin rivers went to work once again behind him to rivers three point line left right hand dribble. Drive for Austin throws it off back around in. Austin rivers now has nineteen and then Clint cappella not known as an assist guy. But a nice nice bounce pass on this play. The Gerald green gives it a cappella bouts passed a green hand Throwdown. And it's a five point game. Yep. But that five point differential was as close as the rockets would get after that Portland took another double digit lead before. Austin rivers would bring the rockets back yet again six and a half remaining in the game the sets a screen rivers floats in the lame the left hand got two more. Austin rivers has been such a valuable addition eight hundred fifty for the four he's got twenty one that'll be a rocket high. And that's what he finished with twenty one. He played.

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