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Major league baseball on espn radio park mark is your face ball tonight just about twenty minutes away from first pitch jake arrieta fourteen an eight on the season had a 435 era at the allstar break 6 in one with a one fifty nine cents so be on the mound for the cubs against chad cool and the pittsburgh pirates my cousins and chris singleton have our call coming up the cubs sixgame win streak ended yesterday with a home loss to the braves chicago's only run yesterday came on a home run from ian hap 21st of his debut season are chris single caught up earlier with the cubs rookies making a return to his native pittsburgh thanks a lot here with a cubs rookie outfielder it happened diane first of all this team over the last couple of months especially over the line last few weeks is really turned the corner and starter perform at a level as a world series defending champion team what are you attributed to i think that the all star break we had a few days but that a step back where we were came back really energize from the break and that took off from there as a rookie and you know this in your first year in the big leagues one of things i notice that power twenty one home runs at this point you only got about three hundred thirty at fats in the minor leagues every you've already surpassed a singleseason high you had twice as many as bats how do you describe or explain your ability to hit the long ball in the big leagues lights zip brighter baseball is it better pregame or postgame meals i think in the big leagues the balls are there are a little tighter a little harder filo before the byerly balls so when you're if i have always to get on the air it it just gotta starts to happen a little bit more double started a home runs and and the hennessy those numbers spike talk with have cubs ricky outfielder former firstround pick out of your assistant accents and added two thousand fifteen in what's been the biggest adjustment.

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