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Pick from me the highlight was one of the boat trips the dawn or the dusko trip veritas say i also really love watching the sunset over the and the little hill behind the house that we stated in rajistan in the little village i thought that was little villager for those people a little little village july indian standard by in it by indian standards the little village of five thousand people there are towns very close to where i grew up that were much much smaller than that i think one of the reasons that was a highlight for me is because i didn't expect to climb standards in india that is not something i expected i think because we had spent so much time in urban environments and they had been incredible it was a real bomb to be able to get out into nature a little bit to start to feel like things were a little bit more relaxed like the pace slowed down just that little bit more and and to get a chance to just because nobody was honking at us nobody was hugging at us nobody was hassling us like you could stand still road five minutes and not be bombarded with people the nice way wedding to take your selfie or even just sort of being jostled around gruber proven i think i really appreciated that at a chance to see the countryside a little bit which we hadn't really done yet on that trip and so that was that was something i really enjoyed a usaid people take yourself he how many times did it happen how many sophie's did you take with people from india it only happened to be once but it happened to like a dozen school kids on a field trip it depended on my mid whether or not i let them do it i probably got stopped a couple a dozen times at at at the bigger monuments skin moscow that we went to in dili it delhi it felt like it was every five steps and said what was the same thing at the taj mahal and baranovsky not so bad in jayapura.

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