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And then you have the mercy site Darby And then followed by Crystal Palace and Man City. So you know. There's still a lot of time by you. Correctly pointed out that this was just a an unidentifiable liberal plan against Wofford on the other side. Now you know you look at this relegation battle and I know I have to touch. Just we have to villa fans right now and to be honest with you. This is something that I've been telling a lot of people the whole time for a long time. It's not a battle amongst like four teams or even five teams calf. This is a ridiculous relegation battle right now and it says a lot about. I don't know the quality of the very bottom or the you know exceptionalism of the very top. I don't know what it is. But when you look at the bottom. So Eighteenth is born with with twenty seven points villa with twenty five with a game in hand and Norwich City with twenty one who also go to vital win but then after that offered is out of the bottom three West time in sixteenth they also have twenty seven points but listen Brighton and Newcastle. Newcastle hasn't scored a goal since January eighteenth. I believe and bright and hasn't won a game since December twenty eighth and they're still in it because of Newcastle has thirty two points brightness. Twenty eight so. This is a battle about who is going. Still plenty of points to begin. Yes there's only eleven matches left but that's still a lot of points specifically when it comes to this margin it's only a two point I'm sorry thirty two. There's only like five point differential between Newcastle and eighteen. And a lot can still happen. So Louise get off the fence. Here take away your heart on your pride and Aston Villa and give me a prediction. Who GETS relegated? I assume you're going to go with Norwich. Forty one or two teams down. I'm sorry to say fans. I think there's commendable what you guys are doing Especially with that win but I just think it's too much of a mountain to climb I think the way that I see it born with will also stay in the bottom three. And if I have to really take my heart out I am just be a neutral pundit I have to say L. is the third one I is nothing to do with the heart. I just think that Specifically key injuries throughout the seasons In John Mcginn etc have been been an issue but also just the tallest the toughness of schedule in which included a League Cup. Final might just be so much I mean still have to play at Leicester still has to play. Liverpool still has to play Chelsea at home another not doing great. They're still a top five team. You know arsenal away at West. I'm so there's a lot of tough games so I'm trying to say stay of domestic and say with my heart that will stay alive but I don't know I just think it seems to difficult. What about you? I think that will survive actually Lord Lord I do because I think there's something very special about villa right now Dean Smith and it may not seem that way. I've watched as many games possibly kind this year. I'm at times. I think how lucky of Aston Villa been not to take something away from this and I know it sounds because people are gonNA listen. Say Your bias but to have your manager on top of your captain as lifelong villa funds to the they're in this together this is a unified group like this. This group is not going anywhere and when it comes down to the final stretch the final tanks and seeing. If you're not together you'll be found out. I think this group into that and I think this guy for me. I'M GONNA Pick Norwich. I'M GONNA pick and I think Brighton like you rightly say Brighton on Twenty eight points. They look pretty right now. If you were to look at the standings there in fifteenth place but the only one point above relegation zone and as you say they haven't won since when since this is December twenty eight. Yeah so so so. They're trending in the wrong direction if they can't figure it out and bright and get right on on the Norwich and I hope that's the case for some I I I admire. What things Mrs Do? You know what I changed. My mind was staying up. Come on come on. I mean listen. Brian has wolves play Leicester City Man United Away Norwich which is still going to be a fight. Liberal still has to play the man city so I don't know it's it's just going to be very very difficult but one thing is for certain for anybody that's having this conversation and argument about the relegation battle. Which is you know for all these teams. It's not a battle between four teams or even five. There are seven and this in this in this race right now. They're trying to stay life all right so moving away from that. Let's talk about the League Cup. Final at Wembley on Sunday matches the city to Aston Villa. One Man City was leading for the majority of the first half to nothing goes from Sacramento and Rory and at two nothing Kev. I was like this is GonNa be five now Just I thought that Dean Smith's tactics of sitting too deep special in the first half was was a little worrying. Some I understood. I understand that when you play a team like Man City and especially at Wembley because it's such a wide pitch as somebody correctly stated to me on twitter. It's very difficult to press for ninety minutes but my issue was that for the first forty five. We weren't even doing any kind of selecting pressing we would just sitting just completely absorbing the pressure and I didn't like that and then in the fortieth minute Johnstone's falls down like he's Ice Skating and Anwar Al Ghazi picks up the Bull crosses the bullying for and Bhawani Mata Sama goal to make it to one and at half time. I'm thinking we can do this. What you think I was thinking. Get me to a TV. So I can watch property. That's right I know is of course from twelve twelve thirty so the game started at eleven thirty eastern time. Us So it was different back and forth. But I looked at the score. I caught the The RODRICO rotary puts it away. And you're thinking it's curtains good nice now. They respond someone against the run of play with some OSCO questions. Because they're it's so rare to find someone who heads the ball in such a clean and sweet lay who else stands out to you in world football or even previous the heads the ball cleanly a Samat does. He's just got this unbelievable connection and he's a brilliant header of the ball and he's tall like the way he connected without bald. There was no chance for Bravo. Yeah absolutely now. I don't share as one that I think to me. Like as a young s on watching that everytime evolves in the just cheer two bodies way onto and then he's he's ability to use his neck muscles. I onto to to perfect Arca header into the top corner was just simply sensational. I'm Samantha. There's something special about this guy. Isn't there absolutely. I mean he's the first Tanzanian to play in the Premier League. He has his whole country behind him. It's just a joy to have another African player in the League and with villa. Obviously we have marvelous. Mukamba's well from Zimbabwe but. Yeah he's just talent I remember. He scored a goal against Liverpool in the Champions League but it was cold outside but there was such a power to that editor. That like Allison did not see it coming and rightly as you said he such a Thailand but the thing I like about him is because you know he plays by himself a lot of the time you know we overload them. It failed and he works so hard and he did that again. City and the League Cup final and then the second half happened and Honestly Villa. Rydell city a lot of the time I mean. It took a very good safe and the post for cloud without to stop bjorn angles header from a corner and it ended two one obviously disappointed. But the thing that I liked lot was Dean Smith gathered the entire staff and team together in a huddle at the very end. And you could tell you knew what the message was. Used as passion uses fire for the remainder of the season. This is exactly what expect week in and week out because you really played your hearts out and they did eleven games Reston Villa. I Reckon Avila can pickle even in those eleven games you pick up four wins your to go because that would get you then to thirty seven points on. You'd figure that'd be a few draws in there as well You may see a team get relegated like West handed in the previous year with forty plus points. You may see that this year But you're absolutely right. I think I think this sort of a ruin. He can galvanize a team. And and you'd like to think it will do the charge and hopefully we can go again for Manchester City. Though you certainly saw some of their vulnerabilities late on in that game. Villa put on the press just looked to try and get that equaliser which was You know didn't look likely. Let's be honest when Rodriguez scored in the first half villa would even be in contention so it's GonNa be interesting to see how Manchester City build on this. I look ahead to the Champions League. Because they've got their work. Cut Out honestly remedied. Didn't perform well against city in the Champions League but you're going to see a different length of stay around for me. That are not better away from home. Sunday are at home so for people really Madrid already after two loss to burn avail. I say book locked. You're about to see a great game if the well let's finish with that classical We as you rightly said You know this is a row. Madrid can definitely wake up when it wants to but you know. They want to. Nothing against Barcelona Goals from vanishes junior and Mariana Diaz Spanish Dominican mighty as. It was great to see him. Score jared. Pk was in interviewing in the mix unto reporters right after the game and he basically said listen. This was the worse Madrid. I've ever played in the first half but then he added and said listen. It's it's about both teams to. We both have problems and that was my point. Obviously al classical is such a great spectacle. One of the biggest sporting events let alone soccer sporting events you know watched by millions around the world but this season has been really disappointing The December reverse fixture was zero zero and it was awful Just really not not a good game and yesterday. I really saw another imperfect disjointed scratchy as Jonathan Wilson. Calls it for us in sports illustrated. Kinda game where you know there was more about. The physicality is more like a boxing fight than anything to do more with talent and aesthetics. Now listen there's there's talent there obviously finished. Junior is incredible nineteen years old. It was definitely the best performance he is given full. Lanka's and you know that Eagle better. Their fatty there is talent. But I'm wondering calf and I would love your opinion that you know there is something that's maybe dying. Recently when it comes to classic on I don't know if it's because of the over reliance on an aging Lionel Messi Cristiano Ronaldo's exit of course and just the fact that both academies in recent years have not really you know developed. The Bush gets the in yesterday's the Chevys the Massey's right and the same thing can be said for for the other side. We've got great Holland and realm. Did obviously look at Vasquez and east But I'm wondering if the magic of a classic especially this year which is kind of a mayor of what's been going on an illegal to be honest is is is slowing down a little bit. I think it's very important to recognize golden harassed when they come around on classical has always been special but I go back to the last time before yesterday that Ram Madrid Barcelona in a classical. It was there on the sideline. It was my first classic. Oh it was April two thousand sixteen and Zinzi dime had recently taken over. I happen to be the seat. Closest is in India. That how crazy is that? I believe my look that I was I was. I was ruing kicking myself but it didn't speak Spanish because I was sitting next to my producer. Markham earned at the time. I was working with being sports and Donahue so animated online at times he was so composed but that classical for example. Listen listen to some of the names Sony going back four years ago not even for years ago. You had a schedule again. A little bit younger than they are today. MESSI Neymar on Suarez Front for for around Madrid. You had a fire in Cristiano Renaldo alongside Bam. Bend my so it was the MSN versus the BBC. Out Its peak. That's not there anymore. I A messy. It certainly is older mice. It'd be thirty three in June Cristiano. Kill to see them there at attendance yesterday. Watching Times have moved on a little bit. Barcelona have recruited in an awful way. The identity of the club has has has dwindled a little bit and disintegrated and a lot of that has to do with parts of Mayo you. You're not bringing through the talent that you we won't stay. And sometimes you just have to recognize that golden generation those players may not become through but they also maybe there that you know. You've gotTA give chances to which I'm glad Barcelona doing but to bring in to to to say for example spend the the loose and when when when they sold Neymar spend the money. The way they did. I thought was really poor. They rushed into decisions and they didn't get it rice and they did the same thing in years. Gone by as well and I just. I just feel Barcelona. I've been ruining a very poor way. Round Madrid have in many ways gone to the Barcelona way of bringing through players. But they're still splashing on guys. That just feel unnecessary. And they've certainly gone for the younger seven American player an awful lot more of lace and Rodrigue. Aw Venetia being that a feature heavily this year on. What's the name of the player. They signed recently ren artists. Yeah right yeah Reynard. Yeah another player for a lot of money. The identity of both teams influx. I think it's important to point that the quality is just not as good as it was. Maybe four or five years ago in saying that. I certainly wouldn't rule that either side for Champions League this. Oh absolutely which says a lot about Just the the flocks of of of the Champions League right. I mean you talk about the history of classical. I'll never forget two thousand five when Rao Madrid fans were pretty much forced to stand up and give a standing ovation to Ronaldinho after his performance when he scored two goals amulets score in the first one..

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