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Right. Hello christmasy. Mary Mary, Mary Mary Mary Christmas. Welcome to my favorite murder, then Christmas Eve many. So that's right. That is Inouye themed, Chris, no, we're just telling you the best many said stories on this this the eve of Christ. What are you going to be? We're obviously recording this before what are you going to be doing on Christmas? What are you going to be for Christmas Eve? On the shelf. What are you going to be? I'm going to be a Jew. It'd be a couch. Ignoring your dumb holidays. But I bet you've had a great Hanukkah. They probably did pay you smashed. It was on the best Hannukah I've ever had. I bet you gave away so many little beautifully wrapped gifts at you're right days after days of when I I as a child hurt and. Yeah, that Hannukah eight days of gifts, I already felt so much like that was the tribe was supposed to truly be in. I thought it was supposed to be divorces Jewish child in Manhattan. Okay. I was in Orange County. But you didn't feel like you needed to be on the east coast and probably hated everything about my life. So yeah, probably. Yeah. You probably wanted to be several thousand monthly. But as this always bothered me. You guys got a ton of presence to we did. But just knowing nothing about Judaism. I just pictured that it was Christmas. Every now for eight nights where I'm like, they have all the humor get like every you get like a big huge present every night. There's I was picturing baskets of bagels. Water vega. L- that's true deliciously stacked deli sandwich. Actually, that's what pronuncia family, we get caters kanter's catered deli sandwiches, the greatest s there's you can't wrap your mouth around Kanter sandwich knows this you have to dismantle and eat four small sandwiches. Best. Yeah. That Hanukkah present thing. And it's a real second lie. They tell you that to get you to convert right? It's not true drop out of Catholicism jump on. Usually we would do little gifts seven nights. And then the one big gift on the night. Right, but small gigs are still get gifts. Stocking stuffer type of thing. Right. Sarita Burster Hanukkah bubble. I guess I'll just stick with me old Catholicism. We're doing such a great. This subject line of this. I E mail is. That's what it's like to have a killer in your home. Hello calendar. Jn Stephen, I absolutely lost my mind when Karen covered a story from my hometown Edmund ten although Edmonton is quite literally the most boring place on her. Cough, cough, are nickname deadman ten. We do not have shortage of crazy eft up crimes. Unfortunately, snowy cold boring. Edmonton Alberta is the murder capital of Canada. Holy shit. Yes. Not boring. And also Edmonton is a city Albert as a providence. Right. As you said, and that facade as I know exactly as you knew as a fact as a fact knowing citizen of Canada. My story comes to you from when I was working as a server in a senior's home. I was cleaning up a table after the meal and a group of ladies at a nearby table. We're talking over heard one lady say something like, and that's what it's like to have a killer in your home. Now, this lady was quite a character in a joker. And she and I like to banter quite a bit. So I decided to jump in and lightly tease her what are you talking about? How does something like this come up in conversation? Just thinking this is her offbeat sense of humor. She was quoting herself in my act out. The old lady turns to me and says, oh, so casually Ono. It's the truth. I've had a killer in my home. My grandma. My granddaughter was married to Mark twitchell. My brain broke I walked back to the kitchen days and went through the rest of my shift like zombie. Mark twitchell is the Dexter copycat killer would be serial killer created profiles on dating websites to lure men to his garage where he would attack them with a stun baton. He killed one man. But his next victim managed to escape and twitchell was apprehended Lucia which you'll had dreams of making movies, and he was a huge fan of Dexter. And it's believed he became a killer to be like. Dexter the five a huge story here in Edmonton. And

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