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Of life you're welcome i'm just going to say you're welcome now extra years come on so these are the minimums right eleven minutes you got that eleven minutes you got that you can this is your net time right could do well listen to your podcast taking the kids for just parking farther away right some that started doing because you know how it is you want to get close parking spot he's trying to get their right but it could be a fight especially on this whole foods parking lot i think there's like some comedy bits about that it's it's a jungle out there man right trying to get that they're trying to get that organic banco this ruthless so park for further away you know get those steps and get that eleven minutes eleven minutes to extend your lifespan by two years go into the data huge studies all right or swap out in our get an hour in that's nine additional years baby get your steps in all right walking his magic the human body of everything that we can potentially do that we know we're designed to do is walk of everything squatting with five hundred pounds of bar we can do it is awesome you could build a nice the squad booty yes but are is that what we're we're designed to walk your genes expect you to walk and if you're not walking we're we're talking about this epa genetic trigger that's why we're talking about extending life so much if you're not walking you're not turning on genetic programs for your wellbeing for anticancer programs and by the way early when we talked about the nutrition in regards to having these anti cancer properties we're talking about taking control of our health we're talking about having our level of fitness where he wanted to be your body could care less about you having six pack if he's trying to fight diabetes if he's trying to fight cancer all right there's a hierarchy there we gotta get our priorities together we want to be healthy so we can have the body is a side effect of doing things good for us again our genes expect us to do like walking sess number one as number one get your steps in no matter what i gave you the numbers i let's do this number two with movement built muscle bill muscle how many times we have talked about this probably more but that's okay because i love this stuff but bottom line is this mom your muscle tissue here's a crazy thing if you look at the data you see folks that do strength training resistance training as they get older they tend to have fast recovery less injuries right so why is this they recover faster when things happen because muscle itself is like a reservoir for aging hormones it's like a container that holds these backup things to help when things go down muscle is so valuable muscles your body's fat burning machinery it's very expensive for your body to carry muscle is telling when you're building muscle it's telling your your physiology that times are good right things are good we can take some time and put this onto our frame to enable us to build to grow stronger to move things right we're in control where empowered and so my question to you is are you taking advantage of this you know the data you know how valuable it is to have muscle on your frame put you in this tremendous metabolic advantage are you're just burning more calories than the person next to you if you have some muscle in your frame just sit in there watching france you watch friends reruns this the seinfeld once though right eternal all right whether you do in that it watching the scandal whatever you're into if you're sitting with somebody who doesn't strength train you're burning more calories just simply by doing nothing because you have more muscle in your frame it's more metabolically active it requires a lot of energy to maintain all right so we're doing ourselves a disadvantage if we're not building some muscle is this mean you need to hit the gym everyday absolutely not even one or two days a week or some strength training can do your body good extend your life span and put you in this place metabolic lee where you're able to have the body composition that you desire and deserve all right but you need to build some muscle we've gotten over the stigma we're not talking about this anymore and you know this thing where when i started in this field this is.

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