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12 points where wage growth here is the best I'm Jeff claypool It's two 18 Time for traffic and weather Dave dildine what you got We got a lot We got a lot to go over in between Gainesville and the NASA There are two crashes on I 66 Traffic is jam both ways Westbound the crash after Prince William Parkway the response and only one right lane getting by Eastbound long-standing crash between business two 34 and the manassas rest area just past the rest area actually They're still working on towing damaged vehicles and the right side is still blocked only two left lanes are getting by eastbound on 66 It is an emergency works on in the inner loop above two 67 the dulles toll connector road and for the moment they are blocking the left lanes on the inter loop 95 in Stafford county traffic was stopped for about 15 20 minutes northbound your mile marker one 38 over 5 just a few minutes ago some traffic started to get by in a single file to the right But with all the trucks slow to accelerate it's going to take a while to see some movement north of centerport Parkway The reassurance that one right lane is getting by they're expecting to hold two left lanes for a while Southbound allowing for rubber necking That's 95 in Virginia 95 in Maryland we had a car fire earlier in Laurel That's Claire Now it's one between Baltimore and Elk ridge Southbound at burn between 6 95 and one 95 the right side remains blocked It will be heavy on the VW Parkway southbound into Laurel as the alternate At a serious crash during the midday between White Plains and the plate a three O one south was closed near turkey hill park but some traffic is now getting by single file to the right Two ten southbound coming off the belt way slow and single file pass to work zone It into D.C. on three 95 traffic is jammed it is a medical response near main avenue on the freeway the right side is blocked by the ambulance Alex Scott was a four year old cancer patient who wanted to help fight a cure for kids cancer with a lemonade stand joined firebirds wood fired grill for lemonade days June 10th through June 12th and all June long to donate to Alex's lemonade stand foundation Dave dillin WTO traffic Let's go to storm team four now and so Mario Theodore High temperatures today into the low to mid 90s We're in for a hot day today in a hot one tomorrow with mostly sunny skies for.

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