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Three from those running backs I would take connor. I then I would hold my nose intake Johnson. Second Swift third. Okay Jamie your top three connor acres with and Ben. I'm pulling up my my rankings. I I have David Johnson. One spot ahead of acres and I believe I have those to the highest single. How over Montgomery and swift swift higher than single terry? Montgomery who is the other back talking about here on her? I'm I've connor read ahead of swift. I had so I owe connor swingle Terry Montgomery my rankings. Back to back to back to back. But it would be Johnson acres and connor into your question in that order all right and then the wide receivers in this round Hauer. We've comparing We've got Tara maclaurin Metcalf Day. Gigs Charq and Parker maclaurin net. Cath Digs Charles and Parker PR league. Let's get your top three from those five starting with Dave Metcalf maclaurin and digs. I believe I'm I've got that right commune. The names will more time out of metcalf maximum through any digs Charles and Parker yes. That's how Jamie Maclaren metcalf okay. Same three slightly different order and Grecchi. I must have deleted McLaren from other areas. I can find memories I have the highest by a full tear over those the other receivers. We'll get into digs another time. I think but I think everyone else is way too low on him. And then I have Charq and then maclaurin and then metcalfe and then I have. I'm very low on Parker. So he's by far the lowest acres around here a hopefully. We got to talk about some players. Say That we don't typically talk about one of them. Here is the first pick around six and Sony. Michelle this pick really stood out to me yet right. I pick of route six. This is sixty one overall Sony Michelle. He's followed by Jarvis. Landry then Keyshawn Vaughn Tyler Boyd. Darren Waller Mark Ingram Julian Edelman Hunter. Henry Michael Gallup Kareem Hunt Dak Prescott and Marquees Brown. Sony Michelle goes thirty six picks before James White who would you just straight up rather have in a PPO league? Michelle are white right. Yeah Okay I'm sorry. So sorry Michelle's early candidate for worst pick of the draft fair true false fair unfair candidate. Yup Okay bad pick And ironically enough the of fantasy manager who drops in his last name is white. You would think he was sick with his namesake and it was first named Sony so So Tyler Boyd Julia. Elman go in this round and I just want to highlight the catch difference that you might get might get from these guys and basically every other wide receiver taken Tyler Boyd. And his two seasons has been on pace for eighty seven and ninety catches. Julian Edelman is always around one hundred catches the next four wide. Receivers selected where Michael Gallup who was on pace for seventy five catches marquees Brown on pace for fifty three last year. Marvin Jones on pace for seventy six deebo Samuel on pace for sixty one catches certainly. I'm not saying that. Just because that's what they were on pace for last year means they'll be impatient again this year but in around six three receiver. Pr League to get a guy that can have ninety or more catches. That's a big deal. That's Tyler Boyd. And Juliana Element. Who went to Ben and Andrew Bomber respectively? Boyd and Ataman in around six and I guess the question is. Do you think they're gonNA get ninety catches this year? I do whatever I wanNA hear. These guys Yeah I think he can. It's just a matter of you know how much they're gonNA spread the ball around with all these other options now. I mean. He played last year with in. Zack Taylor system. Without a degree without the Hagen. Yeah and again like he played obviously two years ago with Aj Green and had good numbers in the eight games to play with AJ. Greens is tied. And then just Jamie Goes Kinda back to the conversation we had earlier. T. Higgins really going to have that big of an impact on these wide receivers. I'm not on Boyd Slot Receiver. No but that's down. I mean editor at that. That could be one or two. Go Away from boy to Higgins and you know I I mean I think it's you have to factor in you also have. We talked about this a lot that. What is the report going to with a rookie quarterback in a short off season with all of his receivers? So did you like the boy pick. I think it's perfectly fine it. It's a matter of you know you're shooting for upside there. He is a slot receiver. We saw with that was for burrowed. Lsu was a clear weapon for him. So I think whenever you talk about this with with what bench agar did with with todd. Lock it in comparison to Phelan and Mike Evans and Alan Robinson. Those other guys in that same rain and what You Know Ben is doing here and even like you know Dave taking sanders and Ron one and me taking Edwards in round two if you have a feeling on somebody if they're in the range of where they should go. There's nothing really wrong with. Is this a matter of? You'RE NOT GONNA get the guy in the next round so if this is the spot you feel you have to take him you take and so he's been like Ben. Gretch likes tyler boy. Better THAN ELEMENT BETTER THAN GALA. Better than the other receivers there. You absolutely bullets are grown in there. Yeah and I'm just saying do you? And Dave I have no problem with it whatsoever Dave. I'll let you finish Boyden. Ataman going ahead of Gallup Markey's Brown deebo Samuel Marvin Jones. How do you feel about that perfectly fine? I think Boyd's GonNa Continue to get peppered targets as slot guy in a pass friendly not necessarily pass. Heavy could be heavy in Cincinnati but pass friendly for sure and I think it'll mean just going to get a lot of you know cheap catches inside a ten yards like he's been getting his whole career. Jarret Stidham isn't GonNa you know. Turn into Gardner Menchu and start chucking. Deep all the time I think the Patriots are a little more reigned in offensively. At least I think they will be with stigma quarterback so the Dinka on offense that they run. They're gonNA keep running it. I think that's going to help battlement. Npr just as help them his entire career. Final question round seven. What's what's the worst pick? Sony? Michelle around six or Allen Lazard in round seven Sony Michelle by. Czar was an aggressive aggressive. It was before branded cooks before. Eddie of the rookie. Wide receivers kind of interesting. Well as good show guys. Thank you very much Dave Jamie then. Draghi have a great star Wars Day. We'll talk to you in a couple of days Mike. Right of the footballers joining us. Jeff however lack of Dynasty League football coming on for Friday show were also twitching streaming onto which on Wednesday night? We'll get the terminology right. This time. On fifty percent of that amalgamated inviting. Not An anonymous..

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