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You know, everyone waits for you. You know, your name is still magic here. When do we see it back on the diamond hopefully early may early mid may, I think you know, it's tough because I didn't have a spring training. It's not really just about. Hey, I'm back into game shape. But I gotta get probably thirty thirty five at bats. And be comfortable. You know, our team is really deep, and I don't want it to. I don't want me coming off the injured list to be a hindrance on them to make sure that I'm ready to go that I'm are percent and able to contribute to to what we got going. All right hamstring is that it. Yeah. Hamstring a little bit of back that I guess they're kind of a little bit unrelated issues, but neither of them are really helping each other. So that was issue with hamstring ninety one was the back problem. So we've both under control now, and you know, from here, it's just building up on it, really good. But like I said since I had no spring training to a little bit longer build up. All right. You eating okay. Oh, yeah. Keeping the weight on. His feet. She says hi, by the way. I know we miss both that you guys in here from your dad every once in a while to take care of yourself and don't be a stranger. We always left to catch up with you. Thanks, guys. All right. That is Matt Duffy, very nice. Former giant always have a spot here. Right. I always think about the I think the one that comes to mind he mentioned twenty four team to score from second base on a passed ball. That's little league. I know as being a ball player. That's no one knowing you're spot on the field. No one when you can take advantage of something. I love that instinct, I was thinking to myself. I asked him the question is favorite moment of his career. And my favorite moment of his is what you just gotta be. And I can't remember for sure. But it had to be yadi Molina behind the plate. Right. Play for the cardinals had to be. Yeah. Yes. Or from second base. Unbelievable. Well, all right. More coming up came your six eighty the sports leader talking baseball with mardi Laurie on six.

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