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It's not actually good for what you're supposed to be doing at this point like you need to show that you know what your businesses it yeah guidance is supposed to be realistic and also it trains people into believing it's like the boy who cried wolf transpeople into believing that you're always sandbagging the numbers and that makes it hard when you're when you're looking at a tougher quarter and you try to hit it right on and everybody assumes you're going to be ten like all billion beyond that is and you're not you're like no no no no really this time so uh but anyway yeah that that that sixty to sixty two billion like apple has never done more than 60 billion in a quarter that wasn't a holiday quarter before and they're holding it as being that it would be it would beat the revenue number from the current record is fifty eight witches from 2015 the first quarter of 2015 which was that the heights of the iphone iphones six mania that was happening and yes so that's the it's actually kind of a a a remarkable trust did a guidance will say vidal the wrong by mentioned seattle deaths out yeah i i'm sure they're right and i think the question is going to be what are the details like where's the it's as usual it will be where's the ipad go where the iphone go are they trending up and down what's up with a mack as you as a nightly earth i want to see and then we can assume services is going to keep on growing and other products is going to keep on growing yuccas those are areas that just keep expanding atlas apple expands expanses powerful low and other will probably include the home pot i said i will be money that than if a may befall.

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