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It says zoom. Do mean no, he's. Zoom all the time. If. He knows how to do. Seen Him do it. Right any Chinese know how to use technology. Becomes, how does this go just out of curiosity? And asking. Wise! Can you call on the house phone? Every day we try to connect with him. He just he. He just can't figure it out. I love it. It makes me so happy. It's so pure. Three. Is With Barbara Corcoran. We've had hailee Steinfeld number going to have Katy Perry on Friday and we're all these people in the room rooms but Johnny. We got uncle Johnny. Johnny! Trying to zoom room you. How come you come on Zoom? I got something on my phone. And then it says there could be junk mail. Don't touch. Then I went on and. I'm I'M GONNA try to get to figure out how to work. That's. somebody count media. You. Go on zoom every day with your friends. How come into different from us? Because they call me and and connects to my IPAD, and they say press here and I press it, and then all of a sudden. That comes up when Yeah! How'd you sight to him? Who's Alex tyrus calling me now known? Time, we're on the. On you on. I don't know how what am I doing all right. Hold on what? I'll call. Call Call Alex car. I'm. Alex car work all right you gotTA. Received invitations at the link again due to meet it. Do that. Let Me Call Alex? This is always a mess. This is awesome. L.! You're on the air. Hey, why are you calling Johnny? We're trying to get him on the air now. You're confusing him, I. I do it Oh God. Don't do that. Newest..

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