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Answer that question, but it's probably what Joe herself would have would have wanted. But we were all very conscious at that time that security would be a major consideration. And it has to be said that the west Yorkshire police back then spends in restaurants in the north of England the restaurant should police have been fantastic in protecting Kim and her family throughout all of this. But you can just imagine how this felt for Kim herself, but also for her partner her parents to hear that another MP had been killed in such similar circumstances stabbed at a constituency event on a Friday. And it's a big surprise that she should have said what she, what she did. And Kim has had to reflect on that. What do you think she's been thinking do you think she would consider leaving politics? No, I don't think she will, I think she takes the view that you need when people in politics you need the right people in politics who go into it for the right reasons and the vast majority of MPs do exactly that. But there's also a sense that you don't let the terrorists win. They want to drive good people out of politics. They want to create division and they want to set commuters against each other. That's the very purpose of their atrocious acts that they form. And one response to that, not the only response to one response to that is to ensure that democracy.

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