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With the older Johnston he allegedly pulled out a pocket knife and started stabbing his grandparents the twelve year old wrestled the knife away from his brother and threw it out the window when the car stopped Johnston ran he was arrested Monday morning Charlie Hodges newsradio ten eighty K. R. L. D. now at the end of each year we think about the actors athletes and other celebrities that have died in the past year but CBS's Steve Caton remember some of the inventors who left us in two thousand nineteen you may not know his name but you've heard his sound Jim Dunlop senior invented though while while as well as other devices that modified guitars he died this year as did Stuart Adams who spent a decade trying to create an over the counter pain killing drugs after a number of failures you took the first ibuprofen and had that Eureka moment when a cured is hang over us firing artists have Dan Robbins to thank for paint by numbers kits he got the idea from Leonardo da Vinci because he remembered hearing that the Vichy use number background paintings for students and it's been a fond farewell to Betty Ballantine who with her husband helped popularize inexpensive paperback books colleagues at Texas Instruments told John Merriman he was crazy for trying to design a hand held calculator but his team did it the most overwhelming thing was seeing my prototype between the work of telemedicine and green mail at the Smithsonian Steve K. film CBS news there are no women more admired in this country than first ladies the new Gallup poll puts Michelle Obama Malani a trump on the list of the most admired women in the U. S. Obama picked up ten percent of the vote to land in first place she's followed by the current First Lady with five percent growth in Bern earned a lot of admirers with her fight on climate change she tied with Oprah and former First Lady senator and secretary of state Hillary Clinton Mr Obama also won the most admired woman in the world title six months ago in the YouGov poll it's a job that she's done for the last twelve years and Carrie Underwood says that's enough for now she's announced on Instagram that she won't host the Country Music Association awards next year she is host of the show with Brad Paisley for eleven years last year she had Reba and Dolly Parton next door Kerry says it would be hard to top what you did last year so she wants to go out on top she says she's passing the torch shown to someone else a couple of major celebrities were given one of the UK's top honors coming off the success of the bio pic about his rock star life Elton John says he feels extraordinarily blessed to be given one of the UK's top honors John was made a knight twenty one years ago now he was given the order of companions honor meanwhile Olivia Newton John said she was appreciative of being named a Dame the equivalent of a night but British officials had to apologize for accidentally publishing the home addresses of more than one thousand people who got those special honors including Elton John and a live you do John the Cabinet Office remove the information as soon as possible and is trying to figure out how it all happened Susie stories news radio ten eighty KRLD I guess we'll soon be able to rent a beach house that once belonged to billionaire Ted Turner's family on a private South Carolina beach interested rehabilitation work on the property is being completed by the state's parks and rec department and they expected to be open for rental starting this spring not a four bedroom for bathroom house sits on what was once the Turner family compound on Saint Phillip's island across the sound from Hilton head island no state purchased the land from Ted Turner last year four five million dollars so if you're interested take a look I don't know if you'll be able to afford them fairly news times seven twenty four hopefully you.

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