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Welcome back to the breakdown with me. And i'll w it's a daily podcast on macro bitcoin and the big picture. Power shifts remaking. Our world breakdown is sponsored by ny dig and produced and distributed by coins. What's going on guys. It is sunday august fifteenth. And that means it's time for long reads sunday and listen. We've had so much. Discussion of us crypto in us politics and north american crypto. If not the us that. I thought that it would be an interesting departure to use this long. Read sunday to read some pieces about crypto and bitcoin in other parts of the world what it means why it matters and what the future holds. So i'm actually going to read to pieces both published on coin desk this week. One focused on nigeria and focused on iraq. I let's read. How crypto can help nigeria's economy by all my data sina although might is a nigeria based certified investment trader. Who as you will soon see has a lot of passion for what bitcoin can do for.

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