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A hash brown and pecan waffle yeah yeah yeah i've missed it a lot they're not that bad thought i pretty friendly i mad thanks on i'm not going anywhere you did forget about the one that was an alabama also with a locked the doors in it was just a restaurant for the white people and they win the black people insured we did talk about the yes i'm not surprised him while the house while the house clearly hates color folks no no no no wait miles you know what okay i'm i'm across the line just what sega isn't that waffle house i can't put that on waffle house everybody knows waffle house has low standards when it comes to food preparation grades out of good stuff even employee's is the employees that are hired they're working waffle house you know you nagging customer service you know the type of people majority of the time that our employee's waffle house you got a lot of people that work at waffle house and they smoke mitt on break birger okay so though same people are the people that get a little overwhelmed when you have black people in there that are little intimidating so any shape form of fashion so i know the wild house is one of the employers that hires folks fellas outta they are which i actually think is a good thing it is i think that's an excellent thing for them to do i think more employers should hire folks who have proven that they want to be you know better into reintegrate into society if serve the debt to society and that are doing making positive steps toward being better people despite may have maybe a poor choice they made in the past i think the more employer should do that how into ever you're right regarding some of the employees that i've seen look like they smoke myth in the bathroom not not even in the bathroom just behind.

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